Predictive maintenance: A new paradigm in heavy equipment

In the day-to-day operations of heavy equipment, maintenance is the most accessible point to overlook. It is observed that there is always negligence in oil changes, brake system maintenance, and other vital checks and maintenance tasks. However, if you fail to maintain your vehicles, it directly impacts productivity. Timely and quick maintenance is a crucial factor in off-highway equipment. Trucks and equipment used in the construction and mining industry are expected to operate 24/7 at remote locations. Sometimes higher procurement costs and monetary limitations make it difficult for fleets to optimise operations and productivity. The extreme environmental conditions create havoc on fleets if they are not regularly maintained. In the event of a breakdown, fleet owners could incur high costs, which take substantial time and effort to repair.

Predictive maintenance can help fleets avoid breakdowns while reducing maintenance costs by predicting when parts will fail based on performance data and other information. However, this data-driven solution is still in a nascent stage, and questions about monetary investments, integration, and other issues must be answered before a widespread shift in industry practices can occur. Predictive maintenance is a part of digitisation which can even help in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-cloud connectivity. The connected vehicles utilise advanced automation technologies and hardware such as modular controls, sensors, and I/O systems, equipped with condition monitoring functions are bringing all kinds of new functionality to drivers, operators, and fleet owners.

Gain the benefits of predictive maintenance

There is a substantial monetary investment associated with maintenance, but it saves far more than the investments over time. Heavy vehicles which are adequately maintained run more efficiently with lowering fuel and maintenance costs. It also suffers fewer on-site breakdowns, which lead to costly delays. The benefits of predictive maintenance are substantial! Many manufacturing setups have already realised its importance and employed this Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution to maintain optimal product quality, improve equipment reliability and increase overall efficiency. Industrial IoT is opening new doors in terms of accuracy and efficiency for companies regarding predictive maintenance.