A Need that Haulotte addresses
Souma Ray elaborates on the training initiatives taken by Haulotte for access equipment operation and maintenance.
Haulotte being one of the leading manufacturers of access equipment is strongly committed in providing the best operation and maintenance training to their customers.

The key factors that we consider under our Training Module at Haulotte are:
Your needs
Because all our customers are different, your training needs vary according to your profile and activity. In all cases, the Haulotte training offer suits your needs. A network of instructors operating out of all Group subsidiaries exists to provide customers with know-how as well as skills essential for guaranteeing safety, expertise and effectiveness when maintaining and operating Haulotte equipment.

The Haulotte Services training catalogue is entirely adapted to providing customised instruction tailored to each individual need. For that reason, Haulotte Services proposes training cycles and programmes personalised according to levels of skills and training objectives (commercial training, training adapted for specific fleets, etc). Theoretical and practical training sessions are systematically conducted in the customer?s language, to ensure optimal proximity and understanding. Haulotte Services training is confirmed by individual evaluations to guarantee the levels of trained teams.

Today, 83 per cent of customers declare that they are highly satisfied with the training provided by the Haulotte Services network (2014 training survey). Our commitment

Efficacy & confidence: Training courses are based on a hands-on approach. The trainees? skill levels are measured before and after the training. A certificate is issued after their skills have been validated. A post-training follow-up will soon be available on our Haulotte training portal e-training-partner.com

Flexibility & adaptability: You choose your location and your type of training: on your site or in our offices - in courses opened to other trainees or dedicated to your company. You freely choose you training method: either a comprehensive programme designed to gradually develop user skills or a single targeted module.

Simplicity: All courses are available throughout the Haulotte Services network. Courses are generally provided in your language. We take charge of all administrative and organisational aspects of the training. A training report summary is provided on completion of the training.

Our catalogue: Designed to raise trainees skills and autonomy, Haulotte Services training modules cater to different profiles. They can be considered alone or as part of a preset courses.

Utilisation module ? users / drivers-delievrers / fleet agents: Know how to safely use the machine; Providing driver safety training - Driver certification (available from our authorised subsidiaries); Knowing how to correctly load/unload a machine and knowing how to train the customer delivered to operate the machines; and Efficiently prepare the machines between two rentals.

Maintenance and safety module ? fleet agents / technicians: Know the main control points and maintenance procedures for each machine; and Acting safely during machine maintenance operations.

e-Services module ? Spare parts buyers: Know how to optimise spare parts management using fully our Haulotte Spare Parts Porta easy-spare-parts.com Knowledge base module ? technicians: Basic knowledge of hydraulic and electrical technologies; Knowing how to read and understand electrical and hydraulic symbols; and Knowing how to read the specific diagrams of Haulotte Group.

Technologies module? technicians: Know the main technologies used in the above machines: BUS CAN - variator - PVG and PWM hydraulic valve controls.

Technical module ? Technicians: Understand the logic behind the operation of Haulotte machines; The ability to make repairs and the calibration of the main components; and Use the knowledge base and Haulotte technical information. Premium big booms module? Technicians: Awareness about and be authorised and certified to calibrate and configure the components affecting machine safety; Using the platform providing access to the machines? safety codes.

This will be available in 2016 within Haulotte. This new online tool will enable our customers to gain even more autonomy:
Managers: Monitor and manage their collaborators skills Trainees: Manage online their training courses schedule, follow online their training, check schedules and training catalogs.

The author is Director, Haulotte India Pvt Ltd.