Ajax Fiori launches new concrete equipment range
Ajax Fiori launched the very first 26 m boom pump in the Indian industry. Made out of high grade and light weight steel, the 70 cu m output can be mounted on a 4X2 chassis. These traits of AF 26ZX makes this machine an economical choice for customer, according to the company.

K Vijay, Executive Chairman, Ajax Fiori, unveiled the network map of Ajax Fiori which showcases its pan India dealership network with 30 offices and 87 touch-points. Transit mixers being the most clichT product in the concreting industry, Ajax Fiori wanted to provide a solution which would prove helpful to the customer. With the help of advancement in the trucking technology in India, Ajax Fiori announced its entire fleet of transit mixers, ranging from 6 to 10 cu me which would run on the truck engine itself, eliminating the need of an additional engine, saving the customer on capital investment.

Jacob John, Director, Ajax Fiori, launched the biggest machine of the entire fleet, the Inline Bin Batching Plant of 120 cu m. This machine is designed in a modular fashion which reduces the time taken to erect and dismantle the whole machine which in turn helps the customer with his project deadlines, the company said.

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