Batching plants for precast industry
Precast concrete is getting more traction in the current construction space. Ajax Fiori has introduced a range of batching plants that feed the requirements of precast industry. Debasis Bhattacharya elaborates.

In the current scenario of increasing demand for building construction and infrastructure creation, there is a vast need for new technologies to be implemented in construction to make it more sustainable, economical and faster completion in a shorter span of time.

With increased cost of building construction, maintenance and lifecycle issues, the world is moving towards new ways of construction. Conventional methods of construction which involve major production of concrete at site has now been replaced with pre-cast technology where the requirement for setting up a site, preparing form-works for concrete pour and curing of structures are cut down to a major extent.

Ajax Fiori being a concrete solution provider, has always forecast the needs and demands of its customer. With increasing demand in pre-cast production, Ajax Fiori has geared up its products to feed the requirement. The company's products have evolved over a period based on the inputs from customers to cater their concreting needs.

Precast concrete technology is widely used in government projects for infrastructure development (flyovers, metro, bridges etc). Private projects which include residential and commercial constructions are also slowly moving towards precast technology as they are efficient, durable and economical and also cuts down the span of completion of projects. Ajax-Fiori being associated with concreting industry for past 25 years has also been a part in this transformation and will continue to serve the industry with its unique products for now and for the years to come.

Another critical factor the precast industry should consider is the mixing quality of the concrete. Over two decades, Ajax Fiori provides planetary mixers for precast application which is considered superior over conventional turbo mixer.

In planetary mixer, the mixing flow is highly efficient due to integrated action of central stars combined with different peripheral scrapers, which is best suited for pre-cast structures of concrete with aggregate sizes less than 40 mm.

Inline reduced bin batching plant
The Inline Reduced Bin (IRB) batching plant of Ajax Fiori is designed for sites which requires continuous production of concrete and also where the loading of aggregates cannot be done from both the sides of the bins due to site constraints.

These batching plants come with 4-6 bins for aggregates of different sizes as the continuous production of concrete calls for storage of more raw materials. The unique feature of this plant is that the aggregates are weighed in a conveyor rather than the skip in other plants, thereby reducing the cycle time and also water and cement batching is done in parallel to reduce cycle time and optimise productivity.

A waiting hopper is provided which will help in reducing the cycle time as the aggregates for the next subsequent cycle will be weighed and discharged to the hopper, while the aggregates are being mixed in the mixer, thereby providing with a constant supply of concrete to cast them in the mould.

Compact reduced bin batching plant
The Compact Reduced Bin Batching Plant (CRB) of 30 cu m/hr capacity is designed to fulfill the need of its customer in the RMC and infrastructure segments. In today's competitive world, capital and operational cost plays a vital role in the success of the business.

  • The CRB 30 eliminates the need of the belt conveyor for handling aggregates and thereby reduces the capital cost by 30 per cent compared to other similar plants available in the market.
  • Aggregate weighing system is independent of skip transfer system, thereby reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity
  • The entire plant can be transported in a single trailer, thereby reducing transportation cost compared to other plants
  • Plug-and-play electrical system, thereby fast erection at site
  • Compact layout, hence minimal space required
  • Minimal concrete foundation required for erection

Skid foundation is also available as option which eliminates the need of a foundation.

Headquartered at Bengaluru and having regional offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Indore and Chennai, Ajax Fiori has its dealer presence across the country. Currently 27 dealers are operational in India with 87 touch-points to cater sales and after-sales support to its customer. Ajax Fiori has also entered into international operation and has the presence in Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka through its dealer network.

Its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Doddaballapur in Karnataka is spread across two units. In 2014, Ajax Fiori inaugurated its new 20-acre facility in Gouribidnur, Karnataka for manufacturing batching plants. This plant will be dedicated to cater batching plant needs of its customers and currently the plant has a production capacity of 300 units per year.

Debasis Bhattacharya is Head-Sales, Marketing & Product Support, Ajax Fiori Engineernig (India) Pvt Ltd.