Brokk training program for jobsite safety and productivity

Brokk, the world’s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, offers on-demand, personalised training options for Brokk customers. The offerings allow contractors to provide crews with in-depth operational or mechanical training from an experienced Brokk technician on-site or through Brokk’s Demonstration and Service Center in St. Joseph, Missouri. The flexible options — including curriculum, location, and single- or multi-day durations — offer customers continuing educational opportunities that fit their team and unique applications to increase safety, productivity and machine utilisation.

“To help our customers ensure they are using their Brokk machines in the safest, most efficient way possible, our technicians provide in-depth, hands-on training with on all new and used machine purchases as well as rental machine startups,” said Lars Lindgren, President of Brokk Inc.

Customers can tailor training to focus on either machine operation or mechanics, depending on their needs and applications. All curriculums include a combination of hands-on and classroom training by one of six specialised Brokk technicians.

Training curriculum will vary based on customer applications and crew requirements. A refresher course that covers key systems and components and touches on general jobsite procedures — such as daily inspections and control box protocols to maximise machine control and operator comfort — will be included in most customised courses. Additional training in areas such as key troubleshooting and error code analysis, as well as operation tips to increase production and reduce stress on the machine, are also incorporated to help operators seamlessly integrate Brokk equipment into their applications and revolutionise productivity.