Brokk upgrades parts warehouse
Brokk enhances customer service and parts availability with upgrades to the parts warehouse at its headquarters in Monroe, Washington. The new facility houses an array of standard and specialty parts for all Brokk models ? from the compact 6-ton Brokk 70 to the heavy-duty 11-ton 800S ? as well as older Brokk models. The facility also provides parts for hydrodemolition robots and accessories from Aquajet, a Brokk subsidiary. In combination with the other parts and service centres in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Stanhope, New Jersey, the new warehouse ensures fast, reliable support for Brokk and Aquajet customers across North America.

?A company solely focused on the initial sale that fails to provide the support its customers need, quickly finds itself with fewer customers,? said Lars Lindgren, President, Brokk Inc. ?Our team has been working hard to build Brokk and Aquajet?s presence in North America. But we know it?s the customer support that comes after that builds true partnerships. So, we?re continually working to streamline our process, increase our inventory and decrease lead times for parts and service.?

Optimised logistics allow for faster parts processing through the new warehouse. Most orders placed by 3.45 p.m. for in-stock parts are available overnight to customers across the country, minimising unscheduled downtime. Spare parts packages tailor-made for individual Brokk machines are also available by request. A kit that travels with the machine ensures operators have the right spare parts at all times, reducing downtime.

In addition to swift delivery, experienced Brokk technicians are available by phone at 1-800-621-7856 to help customers quickly get the parts they need. Brokk team members can identify issues, recommend required parts and process the order over the phone, in most cases, significantly reducing downtime for customers in the field.