GS Caltex's offerings for Infrastructure Sector
Nearly every business in construction sector is under increasing pressure
to lower operating costs and increase efficiency. This often means doing more with fewer people and using equipment for longer duration. This challenge has prompted increased attention to lubrication and its role in equipment reliability and expense.
GS Caltex construction lubricants portfolio focuses on all type of costs including product cost, maintenance costs and administration costs, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership for a business house.

The high performance lubricants from GS Caltex offer ultimate reliability at all temperatures, lower oil consumption, significantly lower fuel consumption and specifically extended service intervals.

Whenever engines and gearboxes run freer and more reliably, operating costs are lower if only because they consume less. And just one per cent lower fuel consumption means, depending on operating conditions, fuel savings of several hundred Rupees OEMs in mobility segments are constantly focusing on new technologies aimed at improving fuel economy, minimising emissions and optimising the work environment. Lubricant manufacturers complement these need of the OEMs. The combination of performance and avoiding downtime has a major effect on increasing yield and return for the customer. Major role lubricants play in improving fuel economy and reducing cost of ownership is through providing better protection for equipment. To meet stricter emission norms in future, OEMs would require the use of EGR and/or SCR technologies, and possibly a DPF, depending on the approach.

On the fuel economy side, OEMs may need to review all engine systems to reduce consumption.

This could include higher pressure fuel injectors, the addition of boosting systems, high-efficiency SCR and combustion technology, as well as downsizing the engine itself. A good quality lubricants could satisfy and support these testing conditions required to be met by the OEMs. GS Caltex is already invested in developing its PAObased Kixx range of engine oils (Kixx DX EURO 15W40-API SJ4) to meet the future demands of the industry as mentioned above.

GS Caltex products are the reflection of power of technology and innovation packaged into a superior quality lubricants which has already benefited many OEMs inIndia and abroad. Over the past few years, the company has developed relations with leading construction and mining equipment manufacturers as mentioned above as a proof of performance. This has contributed to its market position and guarantee the outstanding performance of GS Caltex products.

Whether grease for bearings in vehicles and machinery, or hydraulic oils for all sorts of applications or engine and gear oils for all the vehicles operating on construction
sites, GS Caltex is a single source for the world-class lubricants.

GS Caltex India, a part of the major Fortune 500 integrated oil company, has an impressive range of highquality finished lubricants and supplies to large businesses including major OEMs, viz., Hyundai Motors, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Trucks and Buses, Hyundai Construction Equipment India, Posco, KPCL, JSPL, Kohler, SDLG, Hyva, Indus Towers, Sona Koyo, GTL, Ajax Fiori, Sadhbhav Engineering etc.

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