Renting equipment: What to do and what not to

The global construction equipment rental market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1 per cent through to 2029, with the Asia-Pacific region contributing the most to this expansion. In India, infrastructure development is especially boosting demand for rental construction equipment. While that spells good news for rental companies, users are facing challenges on account of the spurt in demand. Here, they outline the top issues and ways to mitigate them.

Short supply

The primary challenge for both suppliers and users in the equipment hiring landscape is to match the demand and availability on a given instance for a specific location, opines Unmesh Nerkar, Executive Vice President - Supply Chain Management, Tata Projects. “The dearth of good quality aggregators accentuates the problem. Our norms on equipment ageing are more stringent than the market standards, which reduces the fleet universe for us to choose from.”

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