Succeeding with Standardisation
For fleet owners looking to standardise their operation, selecting a trailer manufacturer might feel more like picking a favorite sports team than a strategic move to maximise hauling equipment investments. To some extent, it is. Teams with dedicated fans play smart and deliver results year after year. Similarly, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who inspire “die-hard” customer loyalty have a proven track record for durable, high-quality products. For savvy fleet owners, who base decisions on spec more than brand, these manufacturers also provide diverse product lines and exceptional customer service that make it easy to jump on the bandwagon.

But how do you pick the right team for your operation? Some equipment needs might be immediate, but the real value of standardisation lies in a long-term partnership. Unlike sports affiliation, standardisation can significantly impact efficiency and profits for 10, 20 or even 50 years down the road. Fleet owners should carefully weigh their options before making a decision. Not every manufacturer has what it takes to become a dynasty, so to speak, and no amount of rally caps can turn around a poor investment.

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