The demand for advanced technologies is growing
Tell us more about your collaboration with JCB.
Suryabala is a 30-year-old automobile dealership company and we got into the dealership with JCB India in the year 2017 for eight districts in Tamil Nadu, India (Coimbatore, Tirupur, Erode, Salem, Namakkal, Karur, Dharmapuri, and Ooty). We are exclusive dealers of JCB machines for all the above-mentioned areas.

What are the current market trends for CE in your region?
The market trends can be attributed to the increase in urban infrastructure, development projects (new public infrastructure and improving existing infrastructure), and the adoption of advanced technologies. The demand for advanced technologies is growing as it helps increase productivity with high fuel-efficient machines which will help in reducing project costs and completion timeframes with minimum effort and reduced errors.

Are there any emerging equipment types that you foresee in the near future?
One of the key emerging technologies for construction equipment manufacturers is the shift towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions with smart connected construction equipment.

With advances in technology, equipment manufacturers can now incorporate sensors and other digital technologies into their products, enabling real-time monitoring, remote management, and predictive maintenance. This can guide construction companies by improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and enhancing safety on job sites.

Customers are looking at various new solutions to address safety and skilled manpower shortages. To meet these demands JCB has come up with material handling machines like telehandlers, access platforms, and boom lifts that support ease of operation with minimal manpower. This is something that we think will have a high future.

Do you offer training programmes for customers to learn how to operate the equipment effectively?
We are giving basic-level training (not certified) to operators. We are also connecting with Customers and Operators on a monthly basis via a small gathering to educate them about the product as well as to train them on how to operate the machine.

Do you provide equipment rental services for short-term or project-specific needs?
No, we are only supplying the machine. If a requirement arises for rental and short- or long-term projects it will be referred to our customers.

Do you offer any financing options for customers?
Suryabala and JCB have tie-ups with more than 15 established finance companies and we are providing finance options.

Do you offer maintenance packages for the equipment you sell?
Yes, we do have an annual maintenance package for service, and we have periodic visits for the machines we supply. And also based on the customer’s need, we work on maintenance packages.

What are your future plans?
JCB India has expertise in green technologies and working towards zero-emission equipment. With advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies, we as a company wants to establish all JCB products as the number one product in our region with good support for the product through serviceability and parts availability.