The demand for high-capacity equipment is increasing day by day
What is your outlook for the Indian mining industry?
Mining is an important activity for India, as one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, there is increased pressure for metals/minerals to meet the demands of futuristic infrastructure growth in our country. The 'Make in India' initiative for expansion of the industrial sector would further increase the mineral resources demand.

In the past few years, the Indian Government has adopted several measures to boost the domestic supply of coal and reduce dependency on imports. Over the forecast period (2022-26), India’s coal production is expected to post a CAGR of 7.5 per cent, to reach 1,153.3 MT by 2026, owing to the commencement of various upcoming projects, along with supportive regulatory reforms.

The industry has the potential to significantly impact GDP growth, foreign exchange earnings, and give end-use industries like building, infrastructure, automotive, and electricity, among others, a competitive edge by obtaining essential raw materials at reasonable rates.

Effective implementation of this policy will not only protect environmental and public health but also improve the lifespan of the mining industry and provide sustainable mining.

How do you look at the mining equipment market in India?
With the mining sector being one of the core industries of the economy and with its year-to-year growth, the market for Mining Equipment looks to be positive growth. As far as BEML is concerned we have registered a growth of around 8 per cent in the mining and construction business vertical during the FY 2021-22 and we expect a growth of 10 per cent during the current year. Opportunities are booming with a few setbacks in the sector and the mining equipment industry is hopeful for a rise in demand due to new mining activities and government support in the infrastructure sector. However, there is a definite scope of improvement in the overall sector.

Keeping in view of the demand, BEML being a core mining equipment manufacturer has started manufacturing High-Capacity equipment in the segments of dozers, dumpers and excavators. Also, it is now in the process of indigenously developing 20 cu m rope shovels for the first time in our country.

Further, based on the market requirement BEML is planning for indigenous development and manufacture of 8t capacity tyre handler and 550 HP motor grader.

Which equipment do you think will drive the demand in the mining sector?
With the increase in the production of coal and the future requirement, the demand for high-capacity equipment in the Indian mining industry is increasing day by day. The focus of the current market is on high-capacity mining equipment. Keeping in view of this demand, BEML has indigenously designed and developed the following high-capacity equipment:

  • Dump trucks of capacities – 150 T & 190 T models “BH150E” and “BH205E”
  • Hydraulic excavators – 180 T models “BE1800E” and “BE1800D”
  • Dozers – 850 HP model “BD475-1”
  • All the above products are “Atmanirbar products”.
    Further to the above, BEML is in the process of indigenously manufacturing the rope shovel model “BRS21”, 8t capacity tyre handler model “BL40TH” and 550 HP model grader model “BG1205”.

    Are there any plans for capacity expansion?
    Keeping in view of the market demand, BEML has already produced certain high-capacity equipment in the dump truck, excavator and dozer segment. further, we are in the process of developing rope shovel, 8t capacity tyre handler and 550 HP motor graders.

    To a certain extent the infrastructure requirement for manufacturing of these equipment is established, however we are planning to further enhance the capacity so that, meeting the demand would not be a constrain for BEML.

    You spoke on automation and digitalisation. How are digital technologies shaping up in the mining industry?
    Achieving a breakthrough in productivity performance in the mining industry demands for automation and digitalisation. The industry’s reach through digital and technological innovations could transform the key aspects of mining.

    The digital transformation includes building a more comprehensive understanding of the resource base, optimising material and equipment flow, improving anticipation of failures, increasing mechanisation through automation, and monitoring performance in real-time.

    As technologies for mine digitisation and automation are continuing to transform the industry, mining companies are deploying the latest technologies. For enhancing productivity and sustainability, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, minimising uneconomic material, improving worker safety, and limiting environmental impacts.

    Digitalisation is yielding concrete and sometimes astonishing outcomes. Automating the mining equipment is bringing several potential benefits including reduced maintenance costs as the units are constantly operating at their optimal levels. As well as a detailed operating record and better availability.

    Proximity to customers has been one of the challenges, especially in mining sites. How do you overcome this challenge?
    Mining equipment plays an important role in achieving the targeted production of mines; hence the mining equipment availability is most important for profitable mining operations.

    An optimised maintenance system needs to be put in to avoid downtime, delays, and incidents that ultimately lead to significant financial losses. Timely preventive maintenance of mining equipment will enhance the life of the sub-assemblies which reduces the operating cost of equipment.

    BEML having its wide network of marketing offices throughout the country operates most effectively in reaching its customer’s timely needs and requirements.

    Also, BEML offers different maintenance contracts, recon exchange of aggregates, rehabilitation of used equipment, technical audit, upgradation of equipment, and service centre repair facility, as overall product support to improve the availability of equipment it aims to increase productivity and to reduce the overall operating cost of mining equipment.

    In terms of performance, how has been this year for the company? What are your plans for 2023?
    As of the end Q2 of C.Y., we could able to beat our sales estimates and are expecting an overall growth of around 10 per cent. Out of this, the defense business has got a tremendous opportunity and is expected to grow exponentially. The other two business verticals are expected to grow around 5 to 7 per cent beating the expected inflation rate. Orders over Rs 2,000 crore are under the pipeline in addition to our current order book position of around Rs 9,000 crore. Further, GoI’s impetus on exports and the positive list will provide poise and added revenue to the company.