The outlook for the mining industry is positive for the next two years
What is your outlook on the mining industry in India?
For the next two years, at the very least, the picture is quite favourable. As far as new Coal India contracts go, there are numerous mining activities. Even the purchasing of the land is finished. We have a positive view of the mining sector as a whole, particularly of coal and iron ore. We are releasing more recent products as a result of this.

Sany provides a whole package, a full maintenance contract, and site support as needed with our extensive mining range. Most mining contractors operate those machines around-the-clock.

We don’t want to position ourselves only as an equipment supplier, we also want to position ourselves as a partner to the customer. We supply those machines and run those machines for them so that the customer can only focus on the mining part.

Which are the major products from Sany in the mining sector? What makes your product unique from those of the competitors?
Some of our biggest mining excavators can be seen at IMME. Next year, we hope to launch a few new machines. In addition, the XT mining truck is on show. We already have a 50-ton excavator, and we intend to add a huge, 100-ton excavator with a 6.5 cubic metre bucket. Besides excavators, we also provide dump trucks.

The effectiveness of the excavators would be the main distinction. Our excavators are equipped with cutting-edge mechatronics and operate at peak efficiency. They are some of the most cutting-edge equipment available today. A 5.4 cu m bucket and a 60-tonne dump truck have resulted in high fuel usage for the operation as a whole. As you know, fuel is one of the most expensive components of any mine operation. When you are able to save 15 to 20 per cent of fuel, this speaks volumes of the efficiency that we bring in.

Which of the construction equipment are the major demand drivers in the mining sector?
One of the main areas we are concentrating on is the huge trucks and excavators. These, in our opinion, will stimulate demand. The range of mining equipment is broad generally, but we have a bigger impact on excavators with bucket sizes between 3 and 6.5 cubic metres. We also provide dump trucks with a 60-tonne capacity.

You spoke about mechatronics. Please tell us more about this.
We can track the machine and its functioning with the aid of mechatronics. Additionally, it interacts rather directly with the customer. The consumer is fully aware of the HMR, fuel consumption, and geo-coordinates of the machine it is using. Mechatronics assists in identifying any machine flaws early on so that a device failure is avoided.

Many of our customers own a group of machines. We can provide them with an URL through which they can look at machines from the comfort of their office and also check the HMR, fuel consumption, and various other parameters.

What are the key maintenance practices to be followed for the upkeep of the mining equipment?
As I've previously stated, we provide full maintenance contracts (FMCs) for the machines in addition to providing the equipment. We provide them as a service package for most mining machines the customer orders. Site support or an FMC, through which we handle all machine maintenance, could be included in the service package.

We have begun to construct truck workshops in some of the locations, allowing the trucks to come in, receive maintenance, and then return right away to the job site. We carry a supply of replacement components on-site. To assess how the hydraulics are operating, we sample the oil.

Performance-wise, how was the year 2022 for the company? What is your outlook for 2023?
For us, 2022 has been a generally happy year. We deal with all types of equipment for roads, ports, mining, and construction. The past year has been a reasonably successful one for us in terms of general infrastructure growth if you look back on it. The National Monetization Pipeline (NMP), the National Infrastructure Pipeline, and the Prime Minister's goal of one-window clearance through the Gati Shakti project all represent significant government investments in infrastructure. As a result, it aids in accelerating infrastructure operations. All the equipment players are participating more as a result of these infrastructure upgrades. I can state with pride that Sany has contributed in some way to the construction of the roads and bridges.

The outlook for 2023 is optimistic. We are looking forward to another good year in terms of overall infrastructure growth looking at the pipeline and vision the government has.