We provide more focus to training
Manoj Rawat, Country Manager - AWP, India & SAARC Region, Terex India, elaborates on the outlook on the Indian AWP market.

What are the current application trends of AWPs in India? Which segments drive demand for AWPs?
In India, AWPs are being accepted in various applications like refinery, airports constructions, shipyards, power sector, steel, cement, etc. Currently, industrial maintenance has been driving the demand as most of the construction sites are impacted by Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the rental and retail market share of AWPs in India? What is the growth trend in both these segments?
Usually, rentals with around 80-per cent share dominates over retail sales when it comes to new machine sales. But this year it has changed a bit with almost equal share between rentals and retail due to Covid-19 pandemic. We, at Genie, are very optimistic that rentals will pick up the pace again in coming times on account of increase in demand for AWPs from mega projects. Retail sales will continue to grow with end-users are opting for safer methods of working at heights.

How far the pandemic-induced market conditions impacted the AWP market? How is the market recovering now?
AWP industry in India was severely impacted by the pandemic, like other industries.
Customers faced a lot of uncertainties due to the lockdown announced by the government. A lot of challenges were being encountered by customers since March till July 2020. The AWP market was on a standstill during the lockdown period. The positive thing is that the AWP industry is now recovering and utilisation rates of fleet owners are going up with each passing month. The industry has reached 70 per cent activities of pre- Covid levels.

What are your key initiatives to effectively serve the market and support the customers in the current market conditions?
We, at Genie provide more focus to training and the team outperformed in this aspect during these challenging times. Genie team kept engaging with customers and dealers staff so that existing competencies can be improved upon. Safety is very important for Genie and Terex which drives the culture of Zero Harm. We have been putting more emphasis on safety training for our valuable customers and dealers.

How do you view the market opportunities for AWPs in the post-pandemic scenario?
We see a lot of opportunities and growth in the AWP market post-pandemic scenario on account of demand being driven by time-bound mega projects where safety and productivity shall be equally important.

What are the new technology developments in AWPs? What are your latest products and solutions?
Genie has been leading the AWP industry when it comes to innovation for better and safe products. In the last few years, Genie invested in new technologies like developing LIFT CONNECT (telematics solution), extra capacity boom lifts range (XC range) from 40 ft to 180 ft, next generation high performing DC/FE models – Z60FE/Z45FE (battery/fuel electric). Genie recently launched AC electric E-Drive system in slab scissors for unmatched performance and runtime in high indoor and outdoor jobsites. Also, Genie launched new product - electric scissor lifts model GS-4655 which provides working height 15.95 m with lifting capacity 350 kg. Genie GS-4655 also comes with Genie proven and reliable AC drives system. In boom lifts, Genie introduced two models in J- Series range – S60J and S80J with industry-leading lifting capacity 300 kg and provides essential performance required at job sites and offers better RoI to customers.

What is your outlook on the AWP market in India?
Indian AWP market is still evolving and current market size is not indicative of future potential. I have no doubt that Indian AWP industry shall grow exponentially going forward. The growth drivers – mega projects, safety and productivity requirements at job sites shall drive the demand to next level. We have seen that rentals didn’t invest much in 2020 but we believe that it is going to change next financial year.