Recent crane designs incorporate automation from the past few years

What types of industrial cranes does your company specialise in? What sets your cranes apart from competitors in terms of design, functionality, and performance?
ElectroMech is amongst the largest manufacturers of industrial overhead cranes with more than 15,000 solutions supplied over and above 60 countries across the world. We are recognised for our customised, heavy duty and modular solutions that address challenging material handling requirements across a wide spectrum of industries.

We offer electrically-operated overhead cranes, gantry cranes, stacker cranes, explosion proof cranes, rubber-tyred gantry crane, battery operated transfer car, process crane, wall travelling crane and jib crane.

  • Engineering design: Modular engineering heavy material handling solutions that enhance performance, safety, and efficiency.
  • Technology integration: Integration of advanced technologies such as VFD controls, wireless controls, automation, IoT, and predictive maintenance to improve crane operation and minimise downtime.
  • Customisation: Ability to tailor cranes to specific customer needs and applications.
  • Safety features: Innovative safety features that exceed industry standards, ensuring safe operation in diverse environments.
  • Durability and reliability: Cranes designed for durability and reliability, minimising maintenance requirements, and maximising uptime.
  • After sales support: Comprehensive service and support offerings, including maintenance, training, and spare parts availability for any make of cranes.
  • How do you look at the market for industrial cranes in India?
    India has been undergoing significant increase in infrastructure development across various sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, construction, and ports. Industrial overhead cranes are essential equipment for these industries, driving demand.

  • Manufacturing sector growth: India’s manufacturing sector has been expanding, driven by initiatives like “Make in India” and increasing foreign direct investment (FDI). Industrial overhead cranes are crucial for material handling in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and assembly lines.
  • Construction boom: India has been witnessing rapid urbanisation and infrastructure development, leading to a surge in construction activities. Industrial cranes are indispensable for lifting heavy materials at construction sites.
  • Steel industry: The demand in steel sector has drastically increased and to serve their requirements overhead cranes play’s a crucial role in lifting heavy slit coils and steel plates, driving demand in the steel sector.
  • Government initiatives: Government initiatives aimed at modernising industries, improving infrastructure, and promoting manufacturing are expected to further boost the demand for industrial overhead cranes.

  • Can you discuss any recent innovations or developments in your crane designs in response to market trends?
    ElectroMech has dedicated R&D team to work on new developments and ideas based on customer feedback and market surveys. R&D team has been working on several projects and has launched few innovative products in last couple of years and response to these products has been amazing.

    Digitalisation and automation in crane design has been focussed over last few years and same has been incorporated in recently supplied products. These have been very much appreciated in the market as it helps in improving overall operation and availability of equipment.

    How does your company ensure the safety of your industrial cranes during manufacturing and installation?
    ElectroMech manufacturing and erection commissioning team has been trained and certified to work in factory or at site with adequate safety. They have been trained to use right equipment to protect lives while working.

    ElectroMech Team has been ensuring safety as per the guidelines set by the organisation such as: Compliance with regulations; quality assurance processes; protocols for manufacturing; testing and quality checks; documentation and manuals; installation by certified professionals; and ongoing maintenance and inspections.

    They are empowered to pause the work if any safety violation found and resume only after fixing the same.

    Can you discuss any safety training or guidelines provided to crane operators?
    Products manufactured and supplied by ElectroMech come with operation and maintenance document, which takes care of all the safety aspects to be taken care while operating the crane. Operators and concerned team are advised to read this manual carefully before start using the crane. Apart from this proper operation and safety related training is given to customer representatives by ElectroMech experts.

    Are there any upcoming product launches or developments that you would like to share?
    Electromech team has been constantly working on development of new products and has come up with two new innovative products in market recently.

    tyton (electric rubber tyred gantry crane) lifting capacity ranging from 10-200 t capacity and comes in customisable span and height. tyton is designed with pneumatic tyres and can be operated on concrete or asphalt floors to lift and carry heavy load with inside factory or in open yards. Tyton has been equipped with in-built genset and not external power supply or cables required to operate it. It can be operated very easily and negotiate curved path using wireless remote control. This product has been designed with modular construction and can be assembled or dismantled in short span of time up to three days and shifted to another location easily. It can also travel on floor which has slop up to 5 per cent.

    STC (Battery operated steerable transfer car) can transfer loads varying from 10t to 100t effortlessly. As it is operated on battery equipped in the car, it has zero carbon emission and absolute environment friendly. There is no hydraulic involved here so there is no oil spillage or daily maintenance required. STC can travel on concrete, asphalt, or epoxy flooring within or outside factory. STC is best suited for transferring loads from one bay to another bay inside factory or to transfer heavy loads from withing the factory to open yards. It can also travel on floor which has slop up to 5 per cent. It can be operated very easily and negotiate curved path using wireless remote control.