The crushing equipment industry has reached its peak.”

Titan Crushing Equipment is focused on the aggregate and infrastructure industry. The company designs and manufactures equipment under the brand name – Diamond Crushers. The company specialises in producing jaw crusher, which is widely used in mining, quarry, and material handling. Over these years, the company has gathered specialists and experience in designing and manufacturing various models of jaw crushers.

Speaking on the market for crushing and screening equipment in India, Vishvaroop Anand, Managing Director, Titan Crushing Equipment, said, “I think the crushing industry has probably reached its peak in terms of products that were manufactured. The need of the hour is to create more plaster sand. However, it is quite challenging for any company to manufacture machines that create this. We are planning to make cost-effective solutions because ultimately India is a price-sensitive market. However, Indian customers are changing, they are getting more knowledgeable. We are making machines that are efficient in terms of lifecycle and output. The new solution should be available in the next three to four months. It's a screening solution rather than a crushing solution. The market for this screening solution has quadrupled in the last year or two. So, every manufacturer is striving to get that right solution.”

He added, “We are one of the oldest manufacturing companies of crushing and screening machinery and turnkey plant in India. We have been serving the industry for more than 60 years. Our single toggle jaw crushers have a reputation for their productivity, performance, and durability and are being used by more than 5,000 customers pan India. Similarly, our floating shaft type cone crushers have become quite popular in the crushing industry.”

“We sell about 400-500 jaw crushers per year in various capacities. Then there are the cone crushers which we have been manufacturing for the last five years. Vertical shaft impactors (VSIs) for M-Sand and plaster-sand are manufactured by us. We have a high number of crushers in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and other states. We have relaunched and redesigned our VSIs for the purpose of manufacturing more percentage of plaster sand. We have started integrating the various crushers and vibrating screens and have started supplying 150-200 tph and 300 tph crushing and screening plants, using the latest software and technology for the design of the plants.”

Demand drivers

He says, “Demand from roads will always be there. Then there are commercial aggregates. The current government is giving enough impetus to the roads segment. We are not directly related, we come into the subcontractors who are stationed in towns and villages where the bigger companies take work and they subconsciously are associated.”

On automation, he adds, “We have introduced a lot of PLCs or sensor-based machines, temperature control machine in our sand machines. So, it has to be very simple to understand and also to service. We can service on a WhatsApp call. We keep it simple. There is no point putting too much technology that cannot be handled by a layman.”

Road ahead

He says, “We set up three new units in Hyderabad and one in Bengaluru. So, we are predominantly a home base company but we found manufacturing in Hyderabad more cost-effective. We have shifted our entire unit to Hyderabad. We have a registered office in Mumbai.”