We aim to maintain a steady pace of growth, despite potential disruptions
Please tell us about your newly-launched product at Excon? What are its unique features?
We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking product – a passenger hoist from GGJ. This innovative passenger hoist is unique in that it operates on a single mass section, making it the largest of its kind globally with a capacity of 3.2 tonne. Notably, it can adapt to different capacities, such as 3.2 tonne and 2.7 tonne, each with its own speed specifications. The hoist's length, initially at 4 m, can be reduced to 3.6 m or 3.2 m, offering versatility in accommodating 38 people or 32 people, respectively.

The hoist’s most significant feature lies in its design flexibility. Users can adjust its length, speed, and capacity according to site requirements without the need for separate hoists. This innovation addresses various needs within the industrial sector, particularly in applications like steel and cement plants, providing a comprehensive solution for lifting diverse parts and aiding in the construction of permanent structures.

Could you elaborate on the collaboration between GGJ and your company for the production of this hoist in India?
We are delighted to announce a joint venture agreement with GGJ, the registered brand owner, to commence production in India. Despite the stringent European standards and design validations that extended the timeline, we are now poised to produce these hoists in India. The production, set to begin in the year 2000, will yield a purely Indian product, with plans for exportation to various countries.

Tell us more about your new manufacturing facility launch.
Our new manufacturing facility is located at Kolad, Maharashtra. We were supposed to integrate this in July. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t complete it. However, we plan to inaugurate it soon.

In rentals, what are your offerings?
We do cleaning, rolling, or repairing depending on what’s nearby the next site.

How does your company stay abreast of new market innovations, especially in research and development?
We maintain an in-house research and development team in India that collaborates with GGJ. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our effort to retain the same mass sections in our products, ensuring compatibility with existing customer equipment. This approach presents design challenges but underscores our dedication to meeting customer needs without necessitating costly equipment replacements.

Could you elaborate on the incorporation of AI and ML in your products?
We have already integrated AI into our passenger hoist to some extent, but full adoption is hindered by cost considerations and the lack of skills in maintenance of AI systems in India.

What challenges are you currently facing in the market?
One significant challenge is the difficulty for MSMEs to start manufacturing in India due to various hurdles and lack of proper government support.

How do you perceive the market with upcoming elections?
While there might be some temporary disruptions due to elections, the market is generally growing, albeit with challenges related to dependence on imports and bureaucratic obstacles.

Can you tell us about your recent achievements in terms of orders and product expansions?
We recently secured a big order for gantry cranes and ventured into the business of launchers for bridges and railways, aiming to bring manufacturing to India gradually.

What are your plans for future growth?
We aim to maintain a steady pace of growth, despite potential disruptions, and are exploring opportunities to expand our manufacturing capabilities in India.

How do you view the ease of setting up a plant in India, considering your expansion plans?
While the ease of setting up a plant varies from state to state and district to district, overall, government policies and regulations play a crucial role in facilitating or hindering such endeavours.