We are committed to staying ahead of emission standards
Could you please elaborate on the key offerings for the construction and mining sector?
In our product lineup, we have a range of high-performance lubricants designed specifically for the construction and mining sector. These products are tailored to withstand severe conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads, and harsh environments.

One notable product is our Mobil DTE 10 Excelâ„¢ Series, a hydraulic oil with high viscosity that extends oil change intervals and improves energy efficiency. Another is the Mobil Delvac 1TM ESP 5W-40, a synthetic lubricant offering fuel efficiency and extended engine life. We also have the XHP series, like the Mobilgrease XHPâ„¢ 220 Series, focusing on structural stability in harsh operating environments.

How crucial are lubricants in the maintenance of construction and mining equipment, and how do your products address these needs?
Lubricants play a vital role in the maintenance of equipment in the construction and mining sector. Our products are specifically engineered to withstand the challenging conditions these machines operate in, ensuring longevity, protection, and optimal performance. We work closely with equipment builders, incorporating advancements in technology to meet and exceed the evolving requirements of lubrication in these sectors.

Considering the growth in the construction and mining sector in India, what role does your company aim to play, and how are you adapting to industry changes?
The construction and mining sector is witnessing significant growth in India. We are actively focusing on this market by aligning our product offerings with the evolving needs of the sector. Our goal is to provide lubricants that meet stringent norms and contribute to the reliable and efficient operation of equipment.

With the industry transitioning from BS-V to BS-VI emission standards, how is your company adapting, and what role does research and development play in this transition?
We are committed to staying ahead of emission standards. Our research and development efforts involve close collaboration with equipment builders to understand their modifications and technological advancements. For instance, we have introduced products like the Mobil Delvac Modernâ„¢ 15W-40 Advanced Fleet, designed to meet low-emission, high-output engines, showcasing our commitment to evolving industry standards.

What are your expectations from industry events like Excon, and how does participation contribute to your company's growth?
Events like Excon provide a platform for industry leaders to share insights and discuss the future of the construction and mining sector. Our participation allows us to showcase our products, understand industry trends, and collaborate with equipment builders to align our offerings with their evolving technologies.

What additional services does your company provide to cater to customer needs?
In addition to our product range, we offer services such as Mobil Serv Oil Analysis, Mobil ServSM IIoT Insights, and on-site services like filtration and moisture removal. These services are aimed at providing customers with a comprehensive solution, ensuring the optimal performance of our lubricants.

Could you provide an overview of your company's performance and growth outlook for the future?
We are pleased with our performance, experiencing growth beyond market averages. Our focus on key sectors like mining, steel, and manufacturing positions us well for the future. We see great potential in India and are dedicated to contributing to the country's growth with our performance lubricants. For more information, visit www.mobil.in/business (Exxon Mobil Corporation has numerous affiliates, many with names that include ExxonMobil, Exxon, Esso and Mobil. For convenience and simplicity, those terms and references to “corporation”, “company”, “ExxonMobil”, “EM”, and other similar terms are used for convenience and may refer to one or more specific affiliates or affiliate groups.)