We focus on embedding sustainability into design and manufacturing
Mukul Dixit, Director – Sales & Marketing, Global Construction Industries (GCI), Caterpillar India, speaks on various models of new-age excavators launched by the company, and how are these excavators equipped to deal with intricate projects.

What are some of the recent models of excavators launched by Caterpillar India? 
Recently, we have launched Cat®350, 374 and 395 excavators. These products are equipped with best-in-class technology, which can help increase productivity, provide better cost efficiency, enhance safety, and offer more customisable features compared to their predecessors to meet the multi-functional requirements of the customers. This new range of products is in addition to the existing models of Cat 313, 320, and 323 range of excavators.

What are some of the features you have incorporated that help the contractor derive higher productivity with lower operating costs?
Caterpillar offers a wide range of product choices and customised solutions to match customer requirements. We offer eight excavator models, which is one of the largest ranges in India to fit into various job applications to make our customers successful. Our next-gen excavators are designed to maximise productivity and help increase efficiency in customer’s business operations.

Cat 350 excavator: High productivity and low operating cost for demanding applications

  • High digging force and swing torque, large bucket size minimising cycle time and maximising payload.
  • Highly efficient electro-hydraulic system and long-life filters limiting operating costs.
  • Reinforced structure achieving superior durability.
  • Supporting operations in rugged conditions up to 4,500 m (14,764 ft) above sea level.

Standard high-ambient temperature capability of 52°C (125°F) and a standard cold start capability of -18°C (0°F). Optional cold start capability of -32°C (-25°F) is available for extreme conditions.

Cat 374 & 395 excavators: Greater productivity with two times more structural durability and lower maintenance costs
  • Loads more quickly with up to 10 per cent higher swing torque compared to previous models. Additionally, the dedicated hydrostatic swing circuit increases productivity and efficiency. 
  • The boom, stick, and frame are up to two times stronger compared to previous models. 
  • Up to 20 per cent lower maintenance costs than previous models.

Cat 323D3 excavator: Lower your cost per tonne with high-performance digging
  • Higher productivity with a large Cat 1.20 m³ (1.57 yd³) severe-duty bucket, moving more material every pass. 
  • New tandem hydraulic pumps provide 7 per cent more hydraulic power with less internal friction to increase overall efficiency.
  • Up to 5 per cent lower maintenance costs with 20 per cent reduced oil refill volume.
  • Reliable and durable with reinforced structures, a robust undercarriage, and a two-stage fuel filtration system.

Cat 320D3 excavator: Lower cost per hour balancing productivity, reliability, and efficiency
  • Easy to maintain as most service locations are easily accessible at ground level. 
  • Safe working environment with anti-skid plating reducing the potential for slippage and trip hazards and a full-length firewall separates the engine from the hydraulic pump and offers protection in the event of an incident.

Cat 320D3 GC excavator: More fuel efficient. Move more material per litre fuel burn
  • Reduced fuel consumption – as low as 11 litres per hour
  • Superior operator comfort with ergonomically designed cabs and easy-to-operate controls.

Considering that many new kinds of infrastructure projects are happening across the country, how are the new-age excavators equipped to deal with intricate projects?
India is a growing market. With the increase in infrastructure and development projects, Caterpillar is focused on developing and providing comprehensive solutions that help make our customers more successful with technology, financing, and aftermarket offerings. Caterpillar’s Next Generation excavators are designed to increase operating efficiency, lower fuel, and maintenance costs, and improve operator’s comfort. These machines come with a high-ambient capability of 52°C (125°F) and a cold start capability of -18°C (0°F). An optional -32°C (-25°F) cold start is available for extreme cold conditions. Technologies like Cat® Product Link™ along with GPS connect, not only help improve traceability and visibility but also enable the systems to observe, identify and understand different facets of heavy machinery operation without human intervention and improve the maintenance and operation of machines. The Swing Assist technology of the excavators automatically stops the excavator swing at defined points during truck loading and trenching, reducing fuel usage and improving cycle times.

In terms of bringing out new products, what is the brief you give the R&D team?
Caterpillar is a technology leader in the industry and has a 90+ year history of product innovation and development. The company’s technology strategy is determined by its assessment of how and where its machines will be working over the long term. Based on this assessment, we focus on solving customer problems by making the machines smarter. Our products are ahead of time and aimed at increasing productivity for its customers. As we invest in research and development, our teams are constantly working with our dealers and customers to understand better what they expect. We focus on embedding sustainability into the design, manufacture, and delivery of everything we do. We consider sustainability in our technology development strategies and new product introduction (NPI) process. Through R&D efforts, we develop new and more sustainable products and services for customers.