Indigenous crane control and safety systems

Cranesafe Technologies was incepted in 2007 to provide services for the critical problems in hydraulics, pneumatics and electronics for any type and make of mobile cranes.

Lifting up Expectations

Gone are the days of slowdown and stagnation for mobile cranes market. Many equipment were seen idle with projects not taking off as expected.

Safety in Mobile Cranes

Do you plan to buy new safety system for your mobile crane? There are a number of safety systems of various brands available in India. Do all these brands really protect your crane from all unsafe conditions? Have you ever thought that your retrofit system manufacturer provides all the options provided by the crane data?Most of the systems manufacturers show basic data like boom length, boom angle, load signal etc.

Safety first

As the Partner of Cranesafe Technologies, Vijay Tikhe comes with a more than three decades of work experience in the field of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical and electronics of mobile cranes.

Safe Load Indicators

Cranesafe Technologies offers the state-of-the-art rated capacity indicator model Pinnacle.