Doosan launches Volvo Penta powered air compressors at Excon 2019
At the recently concluded Excon 2019, Doosan Bobcat India unveiled two new air compressors powered by Volvo Penta engines. These new air compressors are benefitting from fuel efficiency, productivity, reliability, long service intervals as well as reduced noise and vibrations with the use of Volvo Penta engines. The Doosan compressors will be used in a range of demanding applications, such as well drilling and mining.

A 13-litre, 536 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesel engine is providing power to Doosan Bobcat India?s new PA536 air compressor, and an 8-litre, 320 hp Volvo Penta D8 diesel engine has been installed in its SHP750 air compressor. Air compressors are popular in India, where the extremely highly pressurised air they create is often used to ?drill? boreholes.

?We are happy to be supplying engines to Doosan Bobcat India,? said Miron Thoms, Vice President and Head, Volvo Penta India. ?We were confident that our engines would be successful in air compressor applications and also offer real added value to the customer. With good fuel efficiency and careful engine management, the introduction of Volvo Penta engines into this market will also contribute to a greener India.?

?Another important factor in Doosan choosing Volvo Penta was its engines? high torque availability, even under heavy loads or when drilling at depth. This results in faster drilling times and increase in productivity. The significant reduction in noise and vibrations will also result in a better work environment,? added Thoms.

Volvo Penta and Doosan Bobcat India began development on both models in 2016. The lengthy research by Doosan Bobcat and Volvo teams helped fine tune an effective and cost-effective package for intermediate and high depth drilling. ?The field tests demonstrated that customers will benefit from the use of Doosan?s efficient air ends and cooling system, compact packaging for plug and play mounting. We have also extended service intervals and consumable renewals, which mean lower maintenance costs and higher uptime. The programmed electronic controller 8 ensures that there is no manual interference in the compressor operation, making this a strong value proposition to the customer,? said BS Srinivas, Director - Portable Power, Doosan Bobcat India.