Ammann Group completes acquisition of Volvo CE’s ABG Pavers
Ammann Group has finalised its acquisition of the ABG paving product line from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE).

“ABG is a strong brand that we’re proud to welcome to Ammann,” said Hans-Christian Schneider, CEO of Ammann. “We will continue to build on ABG’s exceptional product line and reputation and provide complete roadbuilding solutions for the industry.”

The transaction includes the transfer of Volvo CE’s paving businesses in Linyi (China) and Bangalore (India) as well as Volvo CE´s ABG facility in Hameln (Germany).

ABG pavers and screeds will continue to be produced at the facility in Hameln. Amman Group’s production facilities in Mehsana, India; and Suzhou, China will also begin production in the near future.

As a part of the transaction, Ammann will retain the ABG brand name. “The ABG brand is synonymous with quality in the industry and aligns perfectly with Ammann’s history in asphalt compaction,” said Bernd Holz, Executive Vice President at Ammann.

Established as a construction equipment repair shop in 1945, ABG has evolved into one of the most recognized paving brands globally. Demonstrating its ongoing innovation, ABG recently introduced a new electric paver at INTERMAT 2024 in Paris.

"This synergy elevates our capability to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge road construction equipment solutions across India and the globe. It strategically positions us to cater to India's burgeoning infrastructure needs that are critical towards building a strong base for sustainable economic growth. With ABG’s strong product portfolio, we shall intensify our delivery of high-performance paving products that align perfectly with our history of excellence in asphalt paving and compaction.”, said Dheeraj Panda, Managing Director, Ammann India.

Ammann will leverage its industry knowledge and customer relationships to guide the development of the pavers, with ABG in Hameln (Germany) becoming the Center of Excellence for paving operations within the Group.

The range of paving products offered is extensive, starting from a basic screed width of 1.5 meter to 13 meters paving width which are used for job sites such as Airports and Highways. Both fixed and Variomatic screeds are available and they are suitable for various materials, including asphalt, roller-compacted concrete, graded mineral mixes, and railway ballast.

“In addition to our smallest and largest pavers, we have several other models to meet the unique needs of every customer,” Holz said.

The Ammann ABG pavers product range is recognized for their advanced technology, ease of operation, reliability and build quality. They are designed to minimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions and operate quietly. Both tracked and wheeled pavers are available.

The ABG screeds are also key differentiators – and have been throughout the company’s nearly 80-year history. “The screeds have consistently raised the bar in the asphalt industry, a tradition that continues to this day,” Holz said.

ABG provided the first hydraulically adjustable, high-compaction screed on the global market. Recent advances include the e+ screed heat system, which can save 30 minutes of warmup time each shift while also reducing CO2 emissions.

Today’s screeds include a single or double tamper, optional hydraulically controlled end gates, an advanced quick-coupling system for easy extensions, and special profile capabilities. The double tamper technology delivers a 5 to 7 per cent higher degree of compaction and can achieve up to 98% Marshall density.

Variomatic screeds can pave at widths up to 10 meters and come with a range of compaction systems. They are adaptable to different project types, from cold mixes to hot mixes and special profiles. The electrically heated Variomatic screeds are easily extended to more than double their basic width.

The pavers, along with a wide range of light and heavy compaction equipment, are available through Ammann’s extensive Dealer network.