Aquajet?s Ergo System redefines industrial cleaning applications
Aquajet Systems AB, a global leader in hydrodemolition robot manufacturing, offers the Ergo System as a revolutionary alternative in industrial cleaning applications. The Ergo Controller offers four times the power of a hand lance in a compact, wireless unit. It provides the maneuverability and power to keep workers out of harm?s way during hazardous cleaning applications in oil, gas, petrochemical, refractory, nuclear and other industries.

Using a number of productivity-enhancing attachments, contractors can remotely operate the Ergo System for efficient cleaning and removal of material in boilers, tanks, pipes and other industrial containers and conduits.

?Automated tools are not new technology in industrial cleaning applications, but the Ergo System goes a step further ? providing more precise control while giving operators the ability to step back from dangerous situations,? said Roger Simonsson, Managing Director, Aquajet Systems. ?What sets Aquajet apart is the durability and versatility of our machines. We started with heavy-duty machines designed for concrete removal. But as the technology advances, so does our engineering. With the Ergo System, we can provide a smarter, more robust option for industrial cleaning that gives operators more control, precision and flexibility to get the job done.?

Hydrodemolition robots, such as the Ergo System, remove decayed concrete and built-up materials to a preset depth consistently. Alternatively, a hand lance will likely leave inconsistent depths due to being held by an operator. This means contractors may have to do another pass to completely remove materials or risk damaging underlying surfaces by being too aggressive.