The Future is Electric!
Innovation is also one of the core values of Epiroc and we always believe that to be in the business, we need to be the pioneer in innovation. The world is changing, and we are on a mission to be at the forefront of exciting innovations in the mining industry. We adapt to the times, giving our customers what they need to get the job done safely and efficiently. This means thinking ahead and offering solutions that reduce operating costs and improve health and safety. All while helping the environment where we work and live!  

Epiroc also works in accordance with the Paris agreement for climate change and our 2030 sustainability goals for people and the planet are set keeping in mind our commitment to this agreement. We have an ambitious goal that by 2030 we will halve our CO2 emissions in our activities related to operations, transport, products, and our suppliers. We are building an energy efficiency culture resulting in lower CO2 emissions and more efficient use of resources. 

One of the ways we can provide sustainable solutions to our customers is the electrification of mining equipment, in particular, underground mining equipment. Epiroc has put in a lot of resources in developing technologies that help us design and produce such equipment.

Epiroc’s battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are designed to offer the highest safety and productivity with a limited amount of maintenance. The high energy density batteries are certified to international standards and offer several charging options and are easily swappable for continuous loader and truck operations. This allows machines to operate uninterrupted and a simple battery swap can boost output, right when you need it!  

The best part is, these battery-powered equipment are no less than conventional equipment and deliver the same or even enhanced performance. In fact, we get additional advantages in terms of the cost of ventilation as the equipment does not emit any smoke in operation, we provide hassle-free battery changeover that is magically so quick that you literally don’t feel any hurdle in operations. The information management system of battery-powered equipment is informative and easy to understand and suggests your required actions from time to time. 

The operators and crew working underground can see the benefits of a healthier underground working environment first-hand. The customers see a huge benefit in terms of service needs for battery-powered equipment. 

So, it is not only the new equipment that comes with battery power we also support battery conversions for older equipment that is running with our customers and these conversions are a major cornerstone in their journey towards electric underground mines. Conversions are cost-efficient and utilise the full potential of the low total cost of ownership (TCO). 

We offer short turnaround time in parallel with high performance. The conversion is included in a midlife rebuild, returning your equipment to maximum productivity and operating efficiency – including the addition of thousands of new hours with low emissions.

We also provide BAAS (battery as a service) as an option to our customers and in this case, customers need not worry about the life of the batteries and change interval. We work with customer teams to define a plan to meet the battery requirement. With BAAS, we eliminate the risk of owning batteries and provide all the benefits of electrical power. We take full responsibility for keeping the battery serviced and running to optimal capacity from certification to maintenance and technology upgrades. A true trouble-free model of operations – just subscribe to the services and get peace of mind. With batteries as a service, the function and reliability are always guaranteed, and our customer can focus their energy on what matters - increased productivity! 

These machines with their innovative design features and predictable maintenance have the power to match or surpass the performance of traditional diesel equipment. They use 70 per cent less energy and produce 70 per cent less heat than a diesel engine-powered machine with lower ventilation costs, increased productivity, and greater overall operator satisfaction. 

This is a power change that changes everything and that’s why we say – the future is electric!

Amit Randive is Business Development Manager with Epiroc Mining India.