Volvo CE launches new compact excavator in Indonesia

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has announced the launch of the Tier 3 EC55D compact excavator in Indonesia with offset boom, which is ideal for general construction.

The EC55D combines the tried-and-tested Volvo cab, undercarriage and digging equipment from the EC55B Pro with a new design, counterweight, engine, hydraulic pump and travel motors. These upgraded features provide many additional benefits to customers while remaining within the same convenient dimensions and working range.
Most notably, the EC55D is equipped with a new Tier 3-compliant Volvo D2.6A engine for the Indonesian market. The engine promises the same high fuel efficiency customers came to rely on from the EC55B but with quieter operation, and thanks to the inclusion of a turbocharger, it performs much better at altitude – an important consideration for many Indonesian customers. The new hydraulic pump, meanwhile, delivers 5 per cent higher flow, allowing for faster cycle times and greater productivity.

The engine cooling system offers greater durability and ease of maintenance. The system now allows ambient temperatures of up to 45°C. The coolers are positioned side by side and the larger suction-type fan has more blades.

All Volvo engines and fuel system within Volvo CE machines work with diesel containing 50 per cent bio-fuel. Volvo CE is the first equipment manufacturer to meet Indonesia’s B50 mandate, which requires the use of diesel containing 50 per cent of bio-fuel.

The EC55D works with the optional EQD05 Volvo hydraulic quick coupler for maximising productivity. Sitting safe inside the cab, operators have full management of the attachment and benefit from locking systems in line with the latest safety regulations and ISO standards. The Volvo hydraulic quick coupler creates a more versatile and efficient machine to quickly and easily connect to a full range of compatible Volvo attachments. The EC55D excavator is also compatible with Volvo’s full line of hydraulic breakers, which are self-greasing and encased in a fully-sealed housing to protect the power cell, prolong their lifespan and reduce noise. The breakers’ hydraulic systems are protected from pressure spikes by large capacity accumulators, which also serve to increase impact power.

Inside the cab, operators benefit from an improved air conditioning system with higher condenser, evaporator and blower capacities. This enables operators to stay comfortable and productive even in hot and humid conditions. A new seat and radio with aux-in and USB connectors also help operators feel at home in their environment. For improved visibility and safety, the turret lights were removed and front cab lights are included as standard.

For ease of operation, all switches have been upgraded and are now common to other machines. This will help operators, especially of multiple Volvo machines, to quickly find their way around the cab. The EC55D also features a new automatic two-speed shift travel motor with increased low and high speeds, for greater productivity.