New Caterpillar Underground Loader

The new Cat? R2900 underground loader offers configurations to meet the strictest diesel engine emissions standards, including those in Europe and North America, and it continues to deliver the high performance and 17.2-tonne payload of its proven predecessor.

Reaching out to infra needs

Government's high spending on infrastructure projects drives the demand for construction equipment while earthmoving equipment being the largest used equipment category leads the growth.

Track Rollers

Maloo Spares Syndicate offers track rollers. The company is authorised dealers for Berco Products in India. Berco Italy is one of the best manufacturers of undercarriage spares in the world.

We are keen to have machines with reputed past and best technology

We conduct enough field tests and other evaluations of the equipment before going full fledged introduction, says SP Rajan, Head - P&M RREC, L&T Construction

Acquisition cost of equipment is a prime factor considered by procurement.

We seek guarantee from the manufacturer for breakdown attendance and for the availability of the machine for operation, says BB Mishra, Head - Procurement TIIC, L&T Construction.

Good aftermarket culture is the most important credential

We get details and guidance about equipment application from our Director and we explore the options. Equipment category and application wise we have certain brand preferences, but we compare and evaluate with other alternatives also.

Prompt aftersales service is one of the main criteria

The selection of an equipment is done based on the determination of technical suitability of equipment to suit execution methodology. In case standard equipment does not suit certain requirements, then we get it customised to fulfill the ultimate needs.

Dozco now markets its own manufactured products in global market

Dozco has 60 per cent of its total business from parts supply in the after sales market for all kind of construction and mining equipments and 40 per cent from equipment and its parts for which Dozco is authorised distributor.

Pioneering Growth

Started business in 1969, under the company name C.S. Shah and Co in Mumbai, the company has specialised in bearings used in heavy earthmoving equipment and construction machinery.

Cat 320D Series 2 Hydraulic Excavator

Building on the solid performance of its 320D predecessor, the new 320D Series 2 hydraulic excavator is an exceptionally reliable, highly productive machine that lowers operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and simplified routine maintenance. The 320D Series 2 machine features a new engine, powerful hydraulic system, durable main structures and a refined operator station.