Paving the way

The Indian market has a presence of technologically-advanced pavers with the presence of many national and international manufacturers.

Vögele Mobile Power Feeder Increasing Footprints In India

Since 2006, the VÖGELE mobile power feeders, are in use in various national highway projects in Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.

VÖGELE MT 3000-2 OFFSET Power Feeder: Paving the roads for the future

VÖGELE is the world market leader in Asphalt paving and offers a right paver for every application with various combination of different paving widths and also offers state-of-the-art Power Feeders especially for the large-scale job sites to offer reliable, uninterrupted transfer of mix to the pavers.

New generation Vögele feeders

The MT 3000-3i Standard and MT 3000-3i Offset power feeders from Vögele guarantees constant, smooth transfer of material.


The roads and highways sector is expected to bounce back soon with the government's corrective measures to combat slowdown and the large number of projects planned in the coming years. The road equipment players are bullish on the future growth prospects.

Paving to perfection

Asphalt paver market is likely to flourish in the coming years as more rural roads and highways are in the offing. The Budget 2018-19 has major focus on extension of 3.17 lakh km of rural roads which are largely asphalt roads.

Dash 3 Paver

Good design, focuses on usersErgonomic design, operating safety, but also comfort, pervades all elements of the design. The ErgoPlus operating system has, for instance, been further developed, gaining some additional useful features: The ErgoPlus 3 has a redesigned four-colour display / the graphic user interface / self-explanatory symbols.

New Dash 3 Pavers

The leader of the world paver market is presenting the new Dash 3 generation of pavers for the first time at this year's Intermat exhibition in Paris, France. A new generation of engines known as I-engines ensures higher efficiency and lower pollutant emissions, as well as lower noise levels. But Dash 3 encompasses more than just conversion of the engines to meet statutory requirements

Dash 3 Pavers from V?GELE

The leader of the world paver market is presenting the new Dash 3 generation of pavers for the first time at this year?s Intermat exhibition in Paris, France.