The end goal is to have a fully autonomous grader
Could you discuss the significance of ‘Made in India’ in Arx’s portfolio, and how does the company ensure that these products meet international standards?
What is the real connotation of ‘Made in India’? What is really made in India? Is it a globally competitive product or is it an old watered-down product from the archives of an MNC to cater to a price sensitive market? Or a product brought in kit-form into India to work around new import restrictions in India as certain bordering nations? As for as Arx is concerned, we are ‘Designing in India’. We make machines in India for the world.

The shapes and styling are designed jointly with an Italian partner who can produce quality goods at an economical price for lower volumes. The drivelines are state-of-the-art. The mechatronics is latest generation and no different from what you experienced in the latest cars. Air suspension seats, colour displays integral with the steering column, latest proportional valves, pumps with electronic controllers, health monitoring software, autonomous emergency braking system (AEBS). All this and more.

However, the real proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, in 2025, when Arx commences exports, one will see these machines move into many other regions with our established and skilled dealer network and our hardworking and dedicated operators and technicians. The best is yet to come!

How does ARX mining differentiate itself from competitors in terms of product quality, customer service, and overall value proposition?
‘Value that works’ is the philosophy that drives our product and service offerings. From aesthetics, ergonomics, latest driveline technology, top of the line torque absorption, fuel efficiency and safety. All of these at very reasonable prices. Arx also offers a comprehensive solution for service and spares. A strong dealer network, placing dedicated teams at customer sites, training the customer operators and service technicians, offering optimally priced spares. All these are geared at maximising uptime and reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers.

How does the company integrate internet of things (IOT) and automation into its product offerings?
All engines on Arx machines are CAN controlled (with an ECU), except the low weight forklifts (10 t and 12 t). All transmissions are from ZF, again with electronic control and a CAN enabled TCU. The pumps are from Casappa with a pump controller and the vehicle controllers are from 3b6 Italy (now part of Cobo). We have a Telematics controller from Traxroot. The 3D grader laser controllers are from Trimble. Also, automated drilling solutions for our mining drill. We have radar, LIDAR solutions integrated with a brake-by-wire system from Safim.

The end goal is to have a fully autonomous grader. This will be done on the larger mining graders initially, as the mining areas are more secured as opposed to highway sites.

Could you elaborate on ARX’s approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility?
Arx has a holistic approach to sustainability. We plan to move step by step on the environmental front. We start with clean diesel technology. We already have engines in our cargo handling equipment which are bio-fuel ready (HVO 100). We are working with engine partners to move to either hybrid or hydrogen solutions for the motor grader.

Can you share some insights into ARX’s expansion strategy? What are the key markets the company is targeting for growth?
Arx is an engineering company. We are very young as we have been in operations only for 3.5 years. We have a cargo handling portfolio for which we have just rolled out our 100th machine. This year, we look to stabilise the grader production. We will be working on enhancing our mining portfolio. We plan to commence exports in 2025.