Productivity and cost are key in equipment selection

We are involved in almost all types of construction projects, both in India and abroad. We are the pioneers in pile foundation works in India and execute various kinds of piling works like cast-in-situ driven piles, precast driven piles, jointed precast piles, precast pre-bored piles, bored piles, steel piles, composite piles, marine piles etc.

Back to high growth trajectory

After two years of any noteworthy sectoral momentum, it is time for the CE industry to be alive and kicking. Thanks to the new government which has rekindled the hopes of a better growth trajectory by its intrinsic intention on initiating a slew of measures to restore the economy to high growth path.

Cat 320D Series 2 Hydraulic Excavator

Building on the solid performance of its 320D predecessor, the new 320D Series 2 hydraulic excavator is an exceptionally reliable, highly productive machine that lowers operating costs through reduced fuel consumption and simplified routine maintenance. The 320D Series 2 machine features a new engine, powerful hydraulic system, durable main structures and a refined operator station.

Small is beautiful

Skid steer, a cute little machine, is steadily carving a niche amid the Goliaths of construction equipment space. Agith G Antony takes a peek at this unique machine and its myriad of application areas.Despite its sheer utility value and high adaptability with a wide variety of tools and attachments for applications such as recycling, paving, excavation, earthmoving, demolition, mining, landscaping and farming, skid steer, a compact and highly versatile machine is still somewhat in a concept sell

Raising Efficiency

Cat? 320D Series 2 hydraulic excavator features new fuel-efficient engine, simplified maintenance and refined operator station.Building on the solid performance of its 320D predecessor

We have taken up the dealership of Beretta micro piling and anchoring drilling rigs

There is an overall economic slowdown in the market. However, we are confident that once the market conditions improve, there will be a tremendous demand again for foundation equipment as this is the equipment which is required for all major projects involving foundation work, says Surajit Mukherjee, Managing Director, Suretech. Excerpts from the interview.

Back to centrestage

Sandvik re-introduces Rammer branded products in India as a unique part of their new multi-brand strategy. Rammer, the brand synonymous with hydraulic hammers and attachments, is set to make a welcome return with Sandvik Construction announcing a multi-brand strategy.

Rammer is Back

Sandvik re-introduces Rammer branded products in India as a unique part of new multi-brand strategy.

Innovative solutions

SKF's advanced products and technology will help Indian original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet increasing demands for greater productivity, reliability and safety in their challenging applications.