At Excon: Gates India celebrates 25th anniversary

Gates India Pvt. Ltd. (“Gates”) took part in Excon 2021, organized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Improving performance

Hydraulic hoses and fittings play a vital role in the fluid power transmission in hydraulic equipment. Construction and mining equipment will continue to be a major growth driver for this segment.

Hose & Fittings: Heart of Hydraulics

Hydraulic hoses and fittings play a vital role in the fluid power transmission in hydraulic equipment. Construction and mining equipment will continue to be a major growth driver for this segment.

Keys to Fluid Power Transmission

The hose and fittings are key components in hydraulic equipment as they together act as a channel for transmission of fluid power in the system.

Transforming Skill Landscape

Shortage of skilled operators has been a major challenge faced by the infrastructure and construction industry for the past many years.

Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Hydraulic systems are widely used in off-highway equipment when heavy force or torque is involved, such as lifting loads of several tonnes, crushing or pressing strong materials like rock and solid metals, and digging, lifting, and moving large amounts of earth.

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Hydraulic hose and fittings is one of the most important components in fluid power transmission. Selection of the right hose depends on various factors viz, operating pressure range, temperatures, abrasion resistance, and application and flow requirements. One should also consider the type of fluid conveyed and the application.

A Smooth Rollout?

Emerging markets with infrastructure needs continue to accelerate the growth of construction equipment manufacturing, which in-turn drives the bearing market in construction segment.

We have developed products in India for India

Gates Corporation, the Denver, Colorado-based fluid power and power transmission major, is optimistic about the growing Indian market. Teng Seen Khoo, President - East Asia & India, Gates Corporation and Rajesh C. Bhandari, Managing Director, Gates India, spell out the company's India plans for 2017.

Aligned with CE Growth

High pressure, large diameter and volumetric capacity hoses fitted with appropriately speced fittings and protection covering are key ingredients for heavy construction and mining machinery. Such hoses have endured extreme usage under adverse to poor operating cycles and environment.

Ways to Improve Life of Hose

UK Prasad sheds light on how to select the optimum hose assembly to obtain maximum life for an application. Often, one purchases a hose assembly for a hydraulic equipment or system only to experience a premature failure.

Rising Expectations

Hose is an important part of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic hose provides a basic means for transporting fluid from one component to another. The flexibility of hose enables components to be positioned in the most efficient or convenient places, because the hose has the ability to bend around corners, through tight spaces, or across long distances.

Gates is well positioned in this market with its global product lines

We offer a wide range of hoses, couplings and assemblies covering various hydraulic applications and a range of industrial transfer hoses to convey a variety of media, concrete and chemicals.

New responsibilities

Rajesh Bhandari has been promoted to the position of Managing Director, Gates India effective 1 September 2014. In his new role, Bhandari will be leading all departments of..

Gates Shoppe Inaugurated

Gates Shoppe, inaugurated recently by Gates India, will serve as a great platform to interact with end-users to understand their requirement and serve them fully. Gates India, a premier hose assembly company, announced the inauguration of its first 'Gates Shoppe' in Faridabad, Haryana.

Technology week

Gates global experts teamed up with local application and technical engineers to arrive at solutions to customers' product issues during the recently concluded technology week. Gates India conducted a technology week from 16 to 20 September, for its top- end users like JCB, Ashok Leyland, John Deere, Caterpillar, M&M and CNH, at different locations.

Together on a common platform

The Gates India distributors meet and product launch held recently at Gurgaon provided a common platform for all the distributors of the organisation to come together to interact,

We continuously offer new technologies to our customers.

Gates products typically offer two to three times the safety factor, efficiency and durability to the SAE/EN specs, as compared to others. Our products offer efficiency improvement and our services ensure that the customer get the full benefit of dealing with the worlds.

Centennial Celebrations at Gates India

As Gates Corporation step into a new century of innovations, their centennial year was celebrated by the wholly-owned subsidiary Gates India.