Increasing Productivity

The global hydraulic motors market is expected to witness a CAGR of over 4.5 per cent, during the forecast period, 2020-2025.

Complete range of Integrated hydraulic motor gearboxes for mobile solutions

Bonfiglioli provides a complete range of innovative integrated hydraulic motor gearboxes for mobile solutions.

Hydraulic Motors

The long term market outlook of hydraulic motors remains positive with forward looking measures from the government on infrastructure creation offering new opportunities for equipment players.

Enhancing Efficiency

Hydraulic motor is a major component that brings in the desired productivity in a heavy construction equipment.

Recharge to Rebuild!

The manifesto of the NDA points towards building 12,000 km of roads per annum! In 2018-19, even though contracts awarded were to the tune of 15,000 km (against 17,055 km in 2017-18), the figure for roads constructed up to November 2018 has been 5,759 km (against 9,829 km in 2017-18).

Propelling Performance

With the demand growing for better performance in mobile hydraulic equipment, the manufacturers are focusing on added features and technologies in their product range.

The market growth will definitely continue

As infrastructure and agriculture market continue to grow, demand for hydraulic motors is here to stay. Marc-Oliver Nagel, Sales Subsidiary Manager India, Poclain Hydraulics, shares more on the market and technology trends.

New Opportunities

Components, accessories and spares market is expected to gain momentum from the expected infrastructure push in the coming years.

Meeting intelligence and power

Going forward, the focus of hydraulics is expected to be a combination of hydraulics and electronics that will deliver smarter products with a mix of the intelligence of electronics and the power density of hydraulics.

Productivity Boosters

One of the most sought after features in a construction equipment these days is productivity. A large number of projects have to be completed in the specified time frame. This require equipment that can work efficiently and bring in maximum productivity.

Getting back on track

The verdict is out! GDP growth at 7.7 per cent is the highest in nine quarters. Construction growth at 11.5 per cent, manufacturing at 9 per cent apart from agriculture have been positive contributors.

Our hydraulic motors are simple to install

In one machine with hydrostatic transmission, you have typically a diesel engine connected with a hydraulic pump which creates the oil flow that reaches the hydraulic motors that normally are located in the machine's wheels.

Hydraulic Motors

In order to match the requirements of equipment market, hydraulic motor manufacturers are coming out with new improved designs that enable better efficiency and productivity with the machines.

Eaton has thoughtfully developed its range of motors

Eaton is a global leader in power management solutions for the hydraulics market. Soami Das, General Manager - ACE (Application and Commercial Engineering) and Market Development, Industrial Sector, India, Eaton, explains more on the company's offerings in hydraulic motors.

High performance rotary oil seal

Low-speed/high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors are one of the most cost-effective and dependable parts of a hydraulic system. Offering many advantages over a high-speed motor and gearbox speed reducer.

The Power of Hydraulics

Hydraulic power is generated through a combination of oil flow and pressure. Oil flow and pressure is created from a hydraulic pump and transmitted through hoses or tubes, via control valves, to the hydraulic motor or cylinder that will do the work.

Innovative Rotary Seal

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launched an innovative seal, Turcon? Roto Glyd Ring? V, which is primarily intended for double-acting pressure within severe working conditions that require extended rotary service.

Blasters go hydraulic

Australian Pump Industries? range of heavy-duty hydraulic drive high-pressure cleaners with pressures up to 500 bar (7,300 psi), have played a vital role in the drilling industry.

Danfoss becomes world No. 1 for hydraulic motors

The Danfoss Group has become the world leader in hydraulic motors after closing its bid to acquire the US-based White Drive Products Inc.

Danfoss becomes world No. 1 for hydraulic motors

The Danfoss Group has become the world leader in hydraulic motors after closing its bid to acquire the US-based White Drive Products Inc. The acquisition was finalised when competition authorities gave their approval.

Leader in Hydrostatic Transmissions

Poclain Hydraulics offers products for off-road and on-road applications. Poclain Hydraulics is the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions. The company manufactures hydraulic motors, pumps, valves and electronics.

Hydraulic Motors & Valves

Motors and control valves are essential components of any hydraulically operated machine as they are instrumental in creating the required motion. To explain it simply through an analogy with the human body, motors can be compared to our limbs and control valves to our brain.

Electrohydraulics is evolving

Hydraulic systems in construction, mining and material handling equipment have evolved from a normal system with low pressure to much higher pressure, which has increased the efficiency of the equipment.

O&M Training by OEM Dealership

India is on the path of modernisation with rapid progress in infrastructure development. The investment in the infrastructure sector in India is pegged at Rs 1,80,000 crore.

50 Years of DX? Metal-Polymer Bearings

GGB Bearing Technology?s iconic DX? bearings turn 50 this year. Nine years earlier in 1956, the company revolutionised the bearing industry with the introduction of DU?, the world?s first steel-backed, metal-polymer bearing material.

Moulding the Future

Dozco India has been providing hands-on training to the staff of Dozco and its customers through its well-equipped state-of-the-art training centres at Dhanbad and Visakhapatnam.

Energy Efficient Lubricants

Lubricant manufacturers to great extent are trying to exceed expectations from lubricants that can meet stricter emission norms, improve energy efficiency, and enhance reliability and longer equipment life.

O&M Training by OEM Dealership

Svenska Institute of Technology is essentially formed to prepare young engineers and technicians for a bright future in maintenance of construction, mining and road equipment.

Our green products save fuel and are more efficient

We not only have a factory but also have an engineering centre which is able to handle the requirements from the customer and design specific products, tailor-made for Indian customers

The Grove GMK6400

Manitowoc conducted extensive `Voice of the Customer` exercises to see what users wanted most from a six-axle crane, and that research has led to the development of the award-winning Grove GMK6400.As Manitowoc looked to add a new six-axle model to its Grove GMK line

ZF in compactors

Along with MT-C 3000 rigid axles, ZF offers optimum solutions for application in compactors. Compactors are found in road- building and on large construction sites. For the best compacting results, the maximum transfer of power of the substrate is just as

World's first hybrid reach stacker

The new reach stacker, 4531 TB5 HL T, promises fuel consumption and emissions with at least 30 per cent while offering improved performance. KONECRANES has recently announced the introduction of the world's first hybrid reach stacker,

Spreader Specifications

The telescopic container spreader, for handling 20?-40? ISO containers, fecfures:A uniquely widely spaced boom head, to provide strong support for the spreader.A rotator with two hydraulic oil immersed brakes and hydraulic motors.

JCB in India offers the widest range of construction equipment

A contractor involved in building roads today is spoiled for choice, as far as construction equipment is concerned.