Steering the market

Skid-steer loaders segment is one of the only few segments that has shown an increase in sales in 2022 as compared to 2021. The enormous growth in the market value of the construction sector will further fuel the nation's high demand for skid steer loaders.

Craning Forward

Despite uncertainty, the overall market for mobile cranes is expected to grow between 10 to 15 per cent for the next two to three years.

Can Mobile Cranes Lift the Mood?

Mobile cranes in India have transformed into safer and productive with changing design and new features to meet the upcoming demands from the user market. In the current scenario, can these developments in mobile cranes lift the market sentiments?

Challenging Terrain

The hydraulic excavator market in India has been impacted by the slowdown after the onset of COVID-19 pandemic.

Steering Growth

Growing urbanisation and mechanisation of manual jobs are driving the demand for compact equipment such as skid-steer loaders in India.

Bigger Digger

Optimum utilisation of excavators is of utmost importance for the economic operation of the machine. All hydraulic excavator OEMs have introduced matching technologies for the optimum performance of their machines.

New paving technologies

Paver market in India is picking up with the growing road construction projects. Both asphalt and concrete paver markets see positive growth in the coming years.

Global CE sales peak at 1.1 million units

The latest Off-Highway Research report reveals record sales in construction equipment (CE) globally, touching an all-time high of 1.1 million units in 2018, with a retail value of around $110 billion.

Steer it up

In spite of the vast opportunities available, skid-steer loaders are still looking for a level-playing field in the Indian market.

CE sales to remain high

The latest Off-Highway Research report forecasts a stable global market for construction equipment (CE) in 2019, similar to 2018.

Equipment Pulse

With the construction equipment market is on a growth path, Equipment India explores the market scenario of construction equipment and allied products and services.

Backhoe Loaders: Back in Action

Backhoe loader is the front-runner among the infrastructure equipment used in the country with almost 50 per cent of the market share in number of unit.

Global CE market sales to grow 16 per cent in 2017

The global construction equipment (CE) sales are expected to grow 16 per cent this year, according to an Off-Highway Research report. The equipment sales worldwide are expected to exceed 810,000 units in 2017, with a value of more than $80 billion.

Construction equipment sales to grow 10 per cent in 2017

The construction equipment sales in India is expected to grow 10 per cent this year, according to an Off-Highway Research report. Off-Highway Research expects sales to exceed 73,000 units this year, surpassing the previous record sales of 72,492 units seen in 2011. The market in the first half of the year was particularly strong ahead of the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on July 1.


The growth of the infrastructure industry is expected to drive the global construction equipment market. Sounds familiar? Global experts believe that this increase can be attributed to upcoming construction projects around the globe, primarily in developing nations.


The Indian construction and infrastructure segment has witnessed a turnaround over the last few years with some organised growth visible in various construction activities.

Paving a Growth Path

While the paver market is gearing up for phenomenal growth, sensor pavers are expected to have a smooth ride due to the demand for quality roads in the future.

Motor grader sales to go up 24percent

With increasing demand from road sector, the motor grader market in India is expected to rise 24 per cent over the next five years, according to Off-Highway Research report. The forecast follows a huge 54 per cent leap in grader sales in 2016, and a near doubling of the market in 2015.

Clean Diesel Engines

To begin with, Off Highway Research, a part of KHL group in their half yearly report that in terms of percentage growth, India is expected to be the most buoyant major market in the near-term, with 21 per cent growth forecast this year

Earthmovers on buoyant swell

Earthmoving equipment currently constitutes nearly 73 per cent of total construction equipment sales, and happily, this structure of sales is expected to continue. The cumulative sales of backhoe loaders, crawler excavators and wheeled loaders have been growing at a CAGR of over 20 per cent for the last ten years.

Our focus on the best fuel efficiency and faster machines remains steadfast

We have always believed that high technology will ultimately become the top need for India, and therefore all the machines we manufacture in India or import and sell, adhere to standards by which Kobelco machines are made anywhere in the world,

A comprehensive Post Sales Care is one of LeeBoy India's unique value propositions

LeeBoy India has invested in an exclusive training academy where the Operator- Technicians (OT) will undergo intensive training not just on operating the equipment com?petently


The sales forecast for backhoes by Off-Highway Research is pegged at a target of 36,000 units by 2015, up from 30,000 in 2011, whereas for the crawler excavator alone, the forecast is 35,000 units, up from the 2011 figure of 14,500.There is the school of thought that points to the visible drift from the backhoe market towards the wheel loaders market.

Motor Graders

Most of the reputed suppliers today supply motor graders and dozers with an accurate grade system, where one can upload the design of the site and grading will be done automatically by machine to the required specification.

The Road Ahead

With more than 60 per cent of the cargo movement done by India's large network of roads, the road-building sector in the country has offered major growth opportunities for the construction equipment industry.