Liebherr T 274 – the new 305 t mining truck

Liebherr is extending its product offering with the T 274, a class-leading 305 t / 336 tons haul truck. This new truck bridges the gap between the highly successful T 284 (363 t / 400 tons) and the upgraded T 264 (240 t / 265 tonne).

The worst is over for the CV industry

In 2008, two leading players, Volvo Group and Eicher Motors, in the commercial vehicle business joined hands with a common vision of driving modernisation in the commercial transport business in India.

Komatsu aims for lead in hydrogen-powered mining trucks

Komatsu, Japan's top construction equipment maker, plans to develop hydrogen power as an alternative to diesel for heavy-duty mining dump trucks, in a first for the industry, Nikkei has learned. The company will start its hydrogen development programme in 2021 and aims to have the trucks ready for practical use by 2030.

Sany launches first “Made in India” piling rig

Sany launches first “Made in India” piling rig

Komatsu aims to half carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

Komatsu aims to half carbon dioxide emissions by 2030

Liebherr mining trucks at Australian mine

Cargotec Corporation and Konecranes Plc announced that their respective Boards of Directors have signed a combination agreement and a merger plan to combine the two companies through a merger.

Liebherr mining trucks at Australian mine

Liebherr Mining provides five new trucks to MacKellar Mining.

U&M orders 30 MTU Series 4000 engines

Rolls-Royce will deliver 30 Series 4000 MTU engines to U&M Mineratpo e Construtpo S/A, a leading earthworks contractor in Brazil. U&M will use the new MTU 12V 4000 C03 engines to repower a fleet of mining trucks and excavators, improving the performance, profitability and sustainability of the machinery.

U&M orders 30 MTU Series 4000 engines

Rolls-Royce will deliver 30 Series 4000 MTU engines to U&M Minera??o e Constru??o S/A, a leading earthworks contractor in Brazil.

We are a strong player for wheel loaders and motor graders

Liugong is the first China-based construction equipment manufacturing company in India with more than a decade experience and more than 500 local people.

XCMG opens spare parts centre in Mongolia

XCMG has officially opened the company?s first spare parts centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on July 23. The announcement is the final piece of XCMG?s supply chain jigsaw in the region and will allow XCMG to provide all-around support and services for customers in Mongolia.

Caterpillar delivers equipment and collaborative support

Caterpillar offers a wide range of equipment and solutions for underground metal mining and coal mining in India.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems and XCMG sign strategic pact

Rolls-Royce Power Systems and XCMG, a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company based in Jiangsu, China, have formed a strategic cooperation alliance to further develop the Chinese domestic and export mining equipment markets, providing optimised solutions to customers worldwide.

Marching Towards Century

LiuGong celebrated 60 years of successful presence in the global market and completed production of 400,000 units of loaders in November 2018.

LiuGong celebrates 60 years of global presence

LiuGong?s 60th anniversary celebration was held at LiuGong International Industrial Park in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China. Attendees included domestic and overseas customers, distributors, suppliers, government officials, shareholders, and stakeholders who have worked with LiuGong throughout its 60 years.

Efficient power for Indian mines

Volvo Penta offers vast range of engines for construction, mining, material handling and agriculture equipment globally. Miron Thoms, Vice President & Head, Volvo Penta India, elaborates on the company's India market plans.

Improving productivity in mining

At a time when competition is intense, technology disruption and customer demands greater than ever before, the manufacturing sector is focusing on overhauling their processes to step up productivity.

XCMG generates orders worth $ 100 million at Intermat ASEAN 2017

XCMG has returned from Intermat ASEAN 2017 (Intermat) in Bangkok, Thailand with intentional orders contractors, governments and development agencies with a combined value of nearly $ 100 million, representing further market outreach in the Southeast Asian market.


Off-the-road (OTR) tyres are largely used in vehicles, equipment and machinery employed in agriculture, mining, construction and industrial sectors. Consequently, any changes or fluctuations in the said sectors directly influences the growth of OTR tyre market.

Piggybacking earthmovers growth

Transportation of raw and processed materials to the desired location is the next but most essential activity arising out of earthmoving. In the infrastructure space, 5-35 tonne payload capacity tippers and dumpers are extensively utilised for this purpose.

Gmmco is here to stay for the long haul through good and bad times

Gmmco, a C.K. Birla Group company, is celebrating 50 years of exemplary business this year. On this special occasion, H Jayaram, Managing Director & CEO, Gmmco Ltd, spoke exclusively with EQUIPMENT INDIA.

We are extremely bullish on OTR segment from a long-term perspective

Historically speaking, specialty definition for us is OTR tyres for both India and international markets, while for agriculture, it is only international. Indian agriculture is not treated as part of specialty business, for various reasons. We came out with our first specialty tyre in early 1980s starting with the port segment.

Leadership Through Innovation

Volvo Trucks entered the Indian commercial vehicle (CV) industry 17 years ago with a clear goal, to drive the change. The company focused on the mining transportation segment in India and realised that our brand promise was more relevant than ever before.

On Course for Success

Bright prospects lie ahead for dumpers, but cost-effective conveyors may pose serious competition in the future, finds Charu Bahri. Industry voices affirm a turnaround has happened in the off highway dumper segment

CE Industry Buoyant at EXCON 2015

CII and ICEMA jointly showcased the CE industry at EXCON 2015, the 8th International Construction Equipment and Construction Technology Trade Fair, from 25-29 November 2015, at the BIEC grounds in Bengaluru

CE Industry Buoyant

It looks like all the initiatives by Narendra Modi?s government to accelerate infrastructure: Bringing in reforms to create ease of business in India

Overland to set up truck assembly plant

Sinotruk has tied up with Hyderabad-based Overland Trucking to introduce its range of mining trucks in India. As part of the tie-up, Overland, which has presence in the Indian mining space and distribution, would invest between Rs 100 crore and Rs 150 crore in setting up an assembly line for Sinotruk?s portfolio of heavy-duty, medium, light, special-purpose and military trucks and buses in Telangana district.

Komatsu offers mining trucks to Adani

Adani Mining owner of the $16.5bn Carmichael coal project in Australia, has placed an order with Komatsu for 55 units of its 960E-2 and 930E-4SE super-large dump trucks, due for delivery in the second half of 2016.

Ready for Long Haulage

COMMERCIAL vehicle industry experienced one of the worst and the longest spell of recessions during last three years. However, the good news is that it is reviving now. The heavy-duty (HD) trucks industry hit the peak level in 2011 with a sales of 241,000 and it dropped to 130,000 in 2013.

Gaining Momentum

A renewed thrust on coal mining, coupled with plans to implement more projects in various infrastructure segments at a faster pace has rekindled the growth prospects of tyre industry in India. Major tyre manufacturers are busy introducing innovative products and scaling up volume to meet the expected demand in the future.

Catalysing Growth

Winds of change are here to stay! Investment in the construction development sector has a multiplier effect on the economy by way of infrastructure creation; substantial employment generation over the entire spectrum,

Off-highway radiators

Banco Products (India) specialises in the manufacture of engine cooling systems. The company manufactures brazed aluminium and copper brass radiators with various bespoke core and fin-tube configurations, charge air coolers, oil coolers, and engine cooling assemblies. Banco caters to the need of OEMs like Cummins, Mahindraand TAFE, in India.

Gmmco to purchase part of Cat mining distribution

GMMCO has acquired the expanded Cat mining product line distribution and support business for its territories from Caterpillar Global Mining LLC. Gmmco is the authorised Caterpillar dealer in West, Central and Southern India. ?As one of the major mining equipment players in India, we at Gmmco are delighted to take over the expanded mining product business.

GMMCO to purchase part of the Expanded Cat Mining Distribution Business from Caterpillar

GMMCO, Chennai, India, and Caterpillar today announced that GMMCO has acquired from Caterpillar Global Mining LLC the expanded Cat mining product line distribution and support business for its territories. GMMCO is the authorized Caterpillar dealer in West, Central and Southern India.

Sany to strengthen presence

Sany is planning to invest in Indian market in terms of strengthening manpower, dealer network, and also introducing more product lines.

LiuGong expanding into bigger machines

In the past four years, LiuGong has quietly expanded its ability to produce large-sized construction equipment machinery. Through smart acquisitions, redirection of some of its R&D efforts and new partnerships, LiuGong

Caterpillar sees India as export hub

Caterpillar is charting plans to serve other markets from India. The company has said that its Indian operations have become a key part of its global production network now,

Liebherr is investing in skilled personnel and adequate warehousing

Our prime focus is on R9100 which is a 100-tonne class excavator which we will launch here in 2012. For large mining excavators from 26-42 cu m, we will be waiting for a perfect opportunity to launch in India, says Koenig Holger, Director, Liebherr India. 1 - - 23450 14 162 2012-01-01 00:00:00.000 Equipment India We see huge potential for tower crane business We are not only improving the productivity efficiency and effectiveness of the tower crane domain, but also improving the safety aspect on a human angle," says Rajesh Sharma, Vice President, Marketing, Escorts, in an exclusive chat with Equipment India. Excerpts from the interview.

How do you look at the performance of the Indian construction equipment market in 2011?
Definitely, 2011 is a growth year if you compare it with the sales in 2010. In 2010, the industry size all put together was about Rs 16,500 crore and in 2011 it is about Rs 18,500 crore. In that way growth has happened. Now the growth will not be seen for all kinds of equipment. Equipment market is a derived market. It depends on the activity. If there is a particular kind of activity which suits particular kind of equipment then that equipment will sell more in that year. So I would say that the growth rate has been in the range of 10-25 per cent across the equipment spectrum.

How did Escorts perform in 2011?
Our fiscal is from October to September, during which, we have grown by 41 per cent. The growth has been across the product spectrum. If look at it all the num?bers have grown and growth has been achieved holistically. If take individually, compactors segment has remained stagnant and very limited growth has happened because road activity was slow. All the rem?aining segments have grown beautifully.

Could you describe the partnership with Linden Comansa?
This partnership is an year old now. Last year, we had signed exclusive distribution agreement with them for Indian market. They are the mentors for tower cranes and our strength of distribution and developing skills in the market matched quite well.

What made you to venture into tower cranes?
In terms of growth opportunity we see a huge potential for tower crane business both in the real estate segment as well as industrial infrastructure. Real estate inve?stment is $16 billion which we think will go up to $24 billion by 2015. And industrial infrastructure is largely on the power side. A lot of activity will happen on nuclear power plant and hydel plant and these kinds of cranes are required. The usual small cranes cannot do the job. So believing this and looking at what happened across the world we thought there was huge potential for this and is why we entered tower crane business.

We are partners with Linden Comansa because they are the most technologically innovative company around. There was a lot of gap between what is available in India and what the world was using. Currently, the use of tower cranes is much lower and much basic in terms of technology. Flat top is what the world is getting towards so this was the right product to get into.

You said this partnership is not just for business sake but for solution providing. Kindly explain.
As a responsible supplier who has been known to be a pioneer in some field or other, it is our responsibility that we always try to push technology datum enveloped in the industry towards upward. This is one step towards that direction. We are not only improving the productivity efficiency and effecti?veness of the tower crane domain, but also improving the safety aspect on a human angle.

What kind of business are you looking at in the coming years?
We have already taken sizeable chunk of high-end market in the very first year. But the numbers have been really low like the size of high end market is small. By 2015 we want to sell about 200 machines. Construction equipment industry in the last ten years has been doubling itself every fourth year. Even if you see 250 numbers doubling to 500-600 numbers and we are aspiring for 200 numbers is not out of sync.

What is the advantage of these cranes as far as investment is concerned?
It is a product which has a very long life of 30-35 years which is exceptional in the construction equipment, so you can amo?rtise your investment over a longer period of years. The kind of rental market for tower cranes hardly exists in the country. But, if other assets get about 4 per cent a month, this will get 6 per cent rental a month in the market. Return on investment for a small hirer who is buying this equip?ment also makes it an economic case.

What are your plans to take this initiative forward in the coming years?
As far as the Escorts-Komansa tie-up is concerned, we need to focus more on communicating the technological adva?ntage and translating the equipment advantage into real perfo?rmance. That will happen by training people. That is why I declared that from December onwards we will be having a new training vertical in our school in Bengaluru which will be focussing only on tower cranes. Other products are happening but the new verticals will be open for tower cranes where we will be training people for operation maintenance and the optimum utilisation of the asset which is very important. We have already sent people for training and they have been trained by them and these are the people who will train them further.

How important is trained manpower?
We have emphasis on training. It is not only done for leveraging the marketing but also helping the industry and the country. Every business runs on what you are doing for the customer. If you are distributing well and you are having trained manpower in the country you have done great service to the customer. Equipment hardware is very easy to make. These two aspects are very important.

How do you see the competition in tower cranes?
There are already 12 players for tower cranes. But most of them are competing for the lower segment of the market. To be a player of a high segment, you need technological depth which they do not have. They have seen a Chinese crane and they made it and are selling in India. That is not going to do much favour in the long term. In the long term you need technological depth and innovativeness in terms of creating a shift from product selling to solution selling. This is entirely about solution selling.

How is the rental market for these cranes?
Hiring segment in the country is very decentralised and fragmented. Only two companies of large size are operating in India but they are not very effective. We have large populous of customers who are buying one or two equipment and are working in the close proximity and locality. They are not pan-India players. So Indian hiring industries are not organised as what we see in Europe and the US. When you have such a scenario people tend to invest in those
assets which are not high in value. Tower crane hiring will take some time to come around.

The high initial cost and then it is giving returns for 30 years and they are not mobile equipment. So these small hiring companies may no tend to get into it immediately. But as the time comes it will increase more and more. They buy assets depending upon what is demanded by the market.

What are your plans for 2012 and beyond?
Last year we achieved about 40 per cent growth and this year we are aiming at bettering that. We are very hopeful that we will be able to do that. We have a lot of new products in our armour both on the manufacturing and training site and I am sure we will be able to do that.

Are you planning to venture into other equipment segments?
We have a lot of opportunity in the verticals what we operate in. In crane side we almost have everything. On road construction side we only have compaction equipment and now we have added motor graders. There are many more we can add in that segment. Similarly moving north side we have backhoe loader. There are many products where we are not there and we can get into that later.

LiuGong and Cummins Sign JV

Cummins and Guangxi LiuGong Machinery announced a joint-venture (JV) partnership to manufacture MidRange engines at a new facility to be built in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province in southern China.

Mining Equipment: Gmmco markets CAT mining trucks of 60 to 360 tonnes

With large/mega size mines coming into play in the last few years, high capacity trucks are increas?ingly being deployed in India, says S Ananthakrishnan, Senior General Manager, Machine Business Group, Gmmco.

TIPL's New Nerve Centre

With a major focus on offering innovative and value-added solutions to the customers, TIPL, the wholly owned subsidiary of TIL, has launched a 50,000 sq ft, state-of-the-art Component Rebuild Centre (CRC).