Opportunities galore

The construction industry across the globe is anticipated to present significant opportunities for construction equipment.

Gaining traction

Growing construction industry supported by global megatrend of urbanisation is expected to drive growth of the global aerial work platform market.

2021 will be a year of challenges and consolidations

Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India shares his thoughts on the AWP market outlook and the company’s activities.

AWPs for safe and reliable operations

The post-pandemic conditions demand for safer and secure means of operations where AWPs will play a major role and will gain prominence in future.

Indian CE Market Overview

In spite of the short-term ups and downs in the market volumes, the construction equipment (CE) industry is expected to touch close to the volume of 140,000 units by 2024-25.

Grading the Future

The current market conditions are tough for motor graders since the projects are not active due to the coronavirus impact.

Accessing New Heights

The use of aerial work platforms in India is still to gather momentum, in spite of the growing construction and urban infrastructure development. Increased awareness on safety among the end-users and a growing rental market are expected to drive the market in future.

Steering Growth

Growing urbanisation and mechanisation of manual jobs are driving the demand for compact equipment such as skid-steer loaders in India.

ICEMA and CERA discuss industry trends

A meeting between the Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (ICEMA) and the Construction Equipment Rental Association (CERA) was held at Bengaluru to discuss the future industry trends.

Cautiously Optimistic

The government's various initiatives on revival of infrastructure sector and favourable policies have driven the growth of Indian construction equipment market in the past 2-3 years.

Compact and powerful

With the growth drivers of urban and rural infrastructure markets opening up, mini construction equipment segment is looking for a renewed growth in the coming years.

We are positive about the future of mini excavators

Bobcat is currently offering three models of mini excavators in India. S Manjunath, General Manager-Sales, Doosan Bobcat India, elaborates more on the product range and market opportunities.

Looking for new growth avenues

The growth of crawler cranes market is stagnant with lagging demand from heavy lift applications. However, the market is expected to bounce back with the demand for medium capacity lift applications from the upcoming infrastructure development projects.

Lifting up Expectations

Gone are the days of slowdown and stagnation for mobile cranes market. Many equipment were seen idle with projects not taking off as expected.

AWPs: Safe working at heights

There is always risk involved in working at heights. Introduction of aerial work platforms has made it easy for workers perform well without any risk of falling, leading to timely completion of the work with higher productivity.

Telehandlers can gather a steady momentum in future

Telehandlers are versatile machines and have a wide range of applications across sectors. They are used in infrastructure, construction, mining, metals and minerals, logistics, ports and shipyards etc.

Paving on a High

Asphalt paver was developed by Barbar Green Co that originally manufactured material handling systems. In 1929, the Chicago Testing Laboratory approached them to use their material loaders to construct asphalt roads.

Imparting Versatility

Use of job-centric attachments converts conventional construction equipment into multipurpose machines, making them more productive, thereby ensuring better utilisation and job site economy. As rightly mentioned by industry veteran, Vipin Sondhi, Managing Director, JCB India Ltd, ?India is a country where jugaad is a way of life for providing engineered solutions for achieving desired objectives which are seemingly impossible many a time.

Backhoe Loaders Get a Rural Boost

Gone were the days when the backhoe loader market was exploding in all facets of India?s infrastructure development. All recognised suppliers were registering negative to flat trajectory growth since FY 2011.

Safe and Productive

The developed market saw the use of AWPs decades ago. Such machines were in demand by users, for two reasons: safety and speed of work.

Italian rental segment in building industry

The machinery and equipment hiring sector is growing in Italy, thanks to the ?Expo effect?. Estimates for the end of 2015 suggest a slight upturn which should consolidate the 2014 result (+0.7 per cent).

We need policy for smooth movement of cranes across state borders

In India it is becoming a trend to opt for newer cranes because the selection parameters are stringent and green initiative consciousness with multi nationals

We have good market share in 14-20 tonne excavators and road equipment

Volvo operates only through dealerships and being a local dealer was advantageous for me, since Volvo has its manufacturing facility and head office in Bengaluru, says Vinayak Nayak, Managing Director, Encore Heavy Machinery Pvt Ltd.

Most Popular Hydra Cranes

The market preference for Hydra cranes is tending towards eight-tyre based, front operator cabin and boom mounted wheel operated steer, Hydraulic mobile cranes. The pros and cons of this emerging trend are presented by Equipment India.

backhoe loaders:flat Growth

Backhoe loaders are passing through a challenging time for the past few years. Market is registering a flat growth with some indications that it is shrinking.However, now there is optimism among the leading players in the backhoe industry

Front-end Loaders Dominate Rentals

Market information on rental industry is extremely fragmented. No accurate or authentic data is available in the industry to support this activity. Having said that, as per available information gleaned from various sources, the industry size for 2-3 cu m bucket capacity front-end loader is estimated to be in excess of 20,000 units in India.

High Expectations

With growing safety awareness, the Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs), one of the best solutions to keep people safe, while working at heights, is poised for exponential growth in the near future.

Towering the Demand Curve

What lifting capacity range of TCs will dominate the demand for free standing, external and internal climbing configurations? Say Malik ?The 5-6T capacity TCs will remain as the most dominate category.

We need policy for smooth movement of cranes across state borders

In India it is becoming a trend to opt for newer cranes because the selection parameters are stringent and green initiative consciousness with multi nationals and even some government organisations

American rental segment to grow in 2015

According to the forecast by American Rental Association (ARA), the rental industry in the US is projected for a total revenue growth of nearly 8 per cent

Rental Solutions

Knowledge and skill upgradation is very important in the rental segment. The equipment rental business in India is yet to evolve from its nascent stage. Though the mode and pace of business has gone through a severe sluggish phase

Accessing Heights, Safely

As the access equipment industry matures in India and users become more aware on the advantages of using such equipment over conventional practices of working at heights, the rental sector in India is poised for a very bright and promising future.

A Formidable Challenge

Having spent considerable years in the infrastructure equipment industry, I have now joined the editorial of EQUIPMENT INDIA. Fresh initiatives by the government brings renewed focus to infrastructure development, and promises galore to the equipment industry

Rental segment will drive the demand for backhoe loaders

We are the authorised dealers for Terex Equipment in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad districts of Maharashtra. Terex in India operates in four different verticals: cranes, mining equipment (crushers and screens), earthmoving equipment, and aerial work platforms.

Government should encourage young and small entrepreneurs

We are a service-oriented company with sales, services and overhauling of various engines, transmissions, cranes and other heavy equipment. We are pioneers in sourcing hard-to-get parts and provide solutions to various issues pertaining to their machines.

Towering Tall

The real estate and power sectors will show a tremendous growth in the next 2-3 years. As per projections, the tower crane requirement will increase to 30-40 per cent in these two years. Current demand growth for tower cranes is mostly from realty sector.

The cranes need to be operator-friendly

Escorts has the exclusive distribution agreement for entire India with Comansa of Spain. Comansa being a pioneer in the field of flat-top cranes called topless cranes offer in the range 6T-64T.

Our products are technologically way ahead

The market is picking up. The market demand for 5T-6T tower crane is about 350 units; while the demand for 8T-10T is about 30-40 units and 12T and above is 25-30 units a year. The overall size is 400-450 units with approximate value of Rs 3,000-3,300 million.

Manufacturing industry boom to propel MHE market

Coming year, we are going to launch a couple of products in electric segment including a premium electric forklift, and a more efficient version of our stacker and battery-operated pallet truck. We are also planning to launch a new model of IC forklift, says MRV Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer, KION India.

Manufacturing industry boom to propel MHE market

Coming year, we are going to launch a couple of products in electric segment including a premium electric forklift, and a more efficient version of our stacker and battery-operated pallet truck. We are also planning to launch a new model of IC

Our efforts are to provide the best product and after-sales support.

In developed countries, there are legislations in place which ensure AWPs are used for working at heights. We strongly believe that such legislations should come in India too, says Souma Ray, Director, Haulotte India. Excerpts from the interview

Integrated Load Handling Solutions

With a myriad of attachments, truck-mounted cranes have created niche applications segments with faster, safer and more productive solutions.Construction industry has been witnessing a shift towards using safer, more advanced technology, especially application-oriented equipment and machinery

Haulotte at bC India 2014

Haulotte Group, the people and material lifting equipment specialist, looks forward to giving its customers and partners a warm welcome on its stand to exchange views, communicate strategic commitments

STILL Number One

The focused thrust on infrastructure, manufacturing and agricultural sectors is expected to boost the demand for pick-n-carry cranes, which dominate the mobile crane market with over 80 per cent of total sales.

Piling Deep for Solid Growth

In a highly competitive market space hitherto rigged with challenge, the piling industry has responded positively by developing and launching advanced rigs. The piling technology with latest monitoring features could help increase productivity and reduce overall cost of a project.

Crawling Now, To Pick Up Soon?

Despite the muted demand due to lack of new projects in the power sector, the crawler cranes segment is expected to register good growth once the new projects are taken up after the general elections, writes Sudheer Vathiyath.India is a huge market for crawler cranes, especially higher capacity crawlers. This is mainly due to increasing demand in thermal power sector, nuclear power sector, steel plants, refinery expansions and wind power sector. However, the market has slowed down in the last tw

At Kobelco, we have set high standards for service.

Takeshi Miyashita, Director - Sales & Marketing, Kobelco: At Kobelco Cranes, safety is a major focus not only in the design stage but also throughout the lifecycle of cranes. Takeshi Miyashita, Director - Sales & Marketing, Kobelco, says that his company does not have a dealer-based business model and their engineers diectly service the customers.

We have an advantage with our products and service support

The slowdown has helped us approach most of the rental companies. We have increased our footprint in services and reach, and we have initiated health checks for the machines.

Rentals will be the solution for the future

Knowledge and skill upgradation are vital and that is where Quippo plays an important role. We continuously devote time to upgrading knowledge; training is a continuous activity in our organisation.

Diversifying business

A mechanical engineer from Mumbai University Dharak Navin Dedhia completed the Family Managed Business Management course from SP Jain College. He joined his family business at the age of 22 and was involved in operations and maintenance in the early years at Navin Heavy Lifters.

In search of a strong foundation

Absence of big ticket projects such as greenfield power and steel plant projects, crashed out rental rates and surplus of idling equipment, and the cash flow crisis - the overall scenario of the foundation equipment market from the micro point of view seems to be grim, even though from the macro point of view few metro projects seem to have given a bit of relief to the industry.

Our machines come with various features which help enable human safety

The machines which are produced and sold here in India from Europe conform to Tier 4 norms. Also, some of the techniques we use in our foundation technology are non-polluting.

Manitowocs products are built to the highest possible standards

Manitowoc has more than a hundred years of experience in manufacturing cranes.Our global competence means we produce cranes of the highest quality that have a proven track record on an international scale.

Used crane without any restriction on age is a big danger from safety points

The market looked good in 2010-11 and 2011-12, but since April 2012, it is in decline. Shortage of floating money, difficulties in getting term loans, a payment crisis in the market, shortage of coal supply for new power plants, reduction in tax advantage in windmill investments etc.

Higher, cleaner and safer

The access equipment industry in India is in a nascent stage but once the awareness about the utility and application of this versatile product line spreads, and once we have legislation in place for the use of such equipment for any work done at a height, the future looks quite bright. EQUIPMENT INDIA finds out the details from the major players in the industry.

Genie is the market leader in access equipment across the globe

Terex have a complete range of products for safe and efficient working at various heights and reaches, and we follow the best safety norms applicable in access equipment in the world. Our products strictly comply with all relevant safety standard for access equipment in accordance with the American National Standard Institute (ANSI)/EN-280,

Haulotte Group is fully committed to our customers

Haulotte is the third largest producer of access platforms in the world and the largest in Europe. Haulotte has a presence across the world and we are rapidly expanding across various continents. Mature markets like North America, Australia and Japan have shown rapid growth. Emerging economies like Brazil and China have shown impressive growth in the recent past. We definitely see India featured prominently in this coveted list in the near future,

Quippo has been able to reposition the rental...

Quippo has played a very dominant role in repositioning the industry. The rental industry being a highly operation-centric business, you cannot survive unless you increase or ramp up your operational efficiency.

Liebherr is open to feasible customised solutions...

When it comes to equipment selection, fuel and energy efficient parameters are con?si?dered to be the two major parameters that constitute the operating cost of a machine,

MAIT has a full-fledged training centre in Mumbai

MAIT rigs are versatile machines that can be used for bored piles, CFA, and diaphragm walls. MAIT also has a range of hydraulic impact hammers for driven precast piles as well as driven cast-in-situ piles, says DV Brahme, Regional Manager, MAIT India.

At Sany, our service commitment is to exceed customer expectations

We have adopted the most advanced patented systems in our equipment which greatly contributes to savings in energy and fuel consumption. In fact, the patented systems in our concrete pumps contribute to approximately 20 per cent saving on

Pumped Up

The market for concrete equipment is on the rise due to the fact that the end-users understand the advantages of mechanisation as well as the usage of quality concrete.

It is our product quality that has won our customers' faith and trust

We are increasing our investment in India and our phase-II expansion is already on. We strive to give inter?national quality to our customers at the best possible price by absorbing additional cost to the extent possible,? says Michael Schmid Lindenmayer, Managing Director, Putzmeister Concrete Machines. 0 - - 24677 14 251 2012-02-15 00:00:00.000 Equipment India Besides our technology quality, customer focus is the USP for our success Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India.

?Neither our customers nor our competition can deny the contribution made by Schwing Stetter India in the last 12 years to make the concreting equipment economical and affordable; and thereby substantially increasing the usage of these equipment," says Anand Sundaresan, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India. In a chat with Equipment India, Sundaresan elaborates on the CE market trends and what has made the company a leading player in the concreting equipment segment. Excerpts from the interview.

How do you rate the overall performance of the CE industry and how is Schwing Stetter placed to meet the surging demands for advanced products and services in this evolving scenario?
In the last two decades, the construction equipment industry has made enormous progress and has grown both in size as well as diversity. Liberalisation, government focus on infrastructure developments and also special concessions given by the government on imports of equipment for infrastructure projects, have all helped the construction industry. It was also necessecary because most of these projects were time-bound and the penalties for delay in completion were very heavy. This gave a boost to the construction equipment industry and helped it grow more than 15-20 per cent year on year.

In addition to this, it also attracted many construction equipment manufacturers to set up shop in India either by way of joint ventures, license agreements or a hundred per cent subsidiary. Schwing Stetter India is one such com?pany to set up production facility, approximately 12 years ago, to take advantage of the growing market in India. Schwing Stetter India is a focused long-term player in the concreting segment and is here to stay for a long time.

With a view to participate in the growth and deve?lopment of our country and to participate in the huge market potential, Schwing Stetter India has been continuously increasing its production capacities, after sales network, value-added services etc, besides expanding its product range as per the needs of customers. Schwing Stetter India keeps close contact with customers, and with the valuable inputs received from them, has been intro?ducing various new products in the market. The recently concluded Excon 2011 was an excellent oppor?tunity to meet our existing and new customers and show?case our new products; we launched 19 new products.

How does Schwing Stetter look at ending this fiscal? What sort of topline growth are you looking at in the next five years and where do you see the growth coming from?
There has been a sudden slowdown in the second half of 2011 due to various reasons including high inflation and interest costs. Therefore, the topline growth this fina?ncial year will not be as high as we had originally anti?cipated. However, there will be a growth of about 20 per cent from the previous fiscal year 2010. We expect that this is a temporary setback and anticipate an year-on-year gro?wth of between 20 and 25 per cent in the next five years.

What is your take on some of the major issues the industry faces in today?s context?
Many of the factors have definitely affected the perfor?mance of construction equipment industry. This includes Schwing Stetter. High cost of funding has resulted in lower off-take of equipment, besides increasing input costs. The devaluation of the currency by over 20 per cent has a direct effect of over 7-8 per cent on the material cost since on an average, we always have 35-40 per cent import contents in our products.

Has competition become a major drive for the betterment of industry practices in terms of services provided by OEMs?
All construction equipment are highly service- oriented. Therefore, the customers are looking for more value-added services. In order to survive in this market, improved after-sales services and value-added services are a must. Healthy competition is most welcome. However, we find that sometimes, new entrants compromise too much to gain entry by selling even at below material cost levels, which is not very healthy for the industry.

What are the initiatives by Schwing Stetter towards more affordable and application-oriented product lines?
Cost reduction is a key factor towards which we conti?nuously work, without compromising on the quality of the components in our products. We have many examples where the cost of the equipment manufactured by us today are much lower than it used to cost ten years ago, but with better technology and better service package. This has made our equipment more affordable and has substantially increased our customer base.

Neither our customers nor our competition can deny the contribution made by Schwing Stetter India in the last 12 years, to make the concreting equipment econo?mical and affordable and thereby substantially increase the usage of the equipment.

How do you look at the threat of imports from LCC? What is your take on an initiative for a third-party certification system for import of equipment?
As I said earlier, the construction equipment is highly service-oriented equipment. Unless and until proper after sales service and spare parts back up is available, they cannot be sustained in India on a long-term basis, even though the initial purchase cost of this equipment may be lower.

Secondly, we have also seen that the equipment which come from the low-cost countries, often use inferior qua?lity of components. Therefore, the performance and dura?bility of such products are questionable.

How are exports doing for Schwing Stetter?
Schwing Stetter India was predominantly selling its products only within India and a few neighbouring coun?tries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, too. How?ever, Schwing Stetter India will shortly be supplying equipment to the East Asian countries, which will increase export revenue in the years to come.

Schwing Stetter has registered an enviable growth and to what do you attribute the success?
Besides our technology and focus on quality, our customer focus is the USP for our success. Schwing Stetter has been very lucky to have a committed and dedicated team of employees at all levels who do not compromise on the company?s core values.

Tell us about the impact of the stringent emission norms on OEMs.
The emission norms as per the international standards are bound to come in and every OEM has to be prepared for this. I do not personally look at it as a big threat.

Any more capex on the anvil?
Schwing Stetter India will keep investing on capacity expansion, branch offices, service depots, training centres, etc, as and when necessary. In 2011, we added six branch offices and six service depots. We are also in the process of expanding our production facility and a new factory is under construction. The total outlay between 2011 and 2012 is Rs 80 crore.

At TIL, we make safety our priority

Government regulations and policies will have to be much stricter to stop unbridled import of used cranes, says Pinaki Niyogy, Associate Vice President & Head-Manufacturing & Operations, Material Handling Solutions, TIL.

The REL-Wiggert design is an operator-friendly batching system

The REL batching plants, manufactured in technical collaboration with Wiggert Gmbh, Germany, have safety features superior to any other manufacturer in the country, which includes safety fencing, mechanical interlocking systems,

Palfinger holds 70% share of Indian truck loader cranes market

Depending on the market demand, we are ready for more investment in terms of manufacturing facility expansion and manpower. India is seen as a prospective contender for setting up a dedicated manufacturing facility for knuckle boom cranes in the future, informs Subhmoy Ghosh, Managing Director, Palfinger India.

Manitowoc Crane Care is a huge differentiator

We focus on cost of ownership for our customers and onsite productivity. That means high quality manufacturing, backed up with the best customer support to ensure our cranes can keep working at their optimum productivity for as long as possible,? says Prem Naithani, National Sales Manager, Mobile and Crawler Cranes, Manitowoc Cranes India.

Equipment Rental: Rentals Moving Up

Out of $ 2.3 billion construction equipment sold in India, just seven per cent is sold to rental companies, which is low compared to the global average of 50 per cent; in China, it is approximately 35 per cent, in USA 65 per cent and in Japan, it is 80 per cent.

Soilmec hopes to achieve a turnover of Rs 150 crore this fiscal

Soilmec India, a full spectrum provider for foundation equipments for the ground engineering industry with a service portfolio that includes an integra?tion of design, manufacture and distribution processes.

Suretech represents all major foundation equipment manufacturers

The success of Suretech as the leading foundation equipment dealer is because of our focus in offering efficient and prompt after sales service, says Surajit Mukherjee, Managing Director, Suretech Infrastructure.

We are launching the XP series piling and crawler drilling rigs

Casagrande offers Indian contractors custom-made solutions to suit the demands for all kinds of geotechnical engineering, piling rigs, diaphragm wall equipment, hydromills, CSM, displacement piles, CFA technology, anchor drilling, micro drilling and jet grouting rigs, says Giuliano Feruglio, Commercial Director, Casagrande SpA.

Liebherr is moving towards fuel-efficient technology products

Liebherr offers a wide range of deep foundation machinery: rotary drilling rigs (LB), piling and drilling rigs (LRB), piling rigs with fixed and swinging leader (LRH), and duty cycle crawler cra?nes (HS).

The rigs we supply are examples of utmost technological innovation

Our target is to supply 135 units this year (Jan to Dec) and we expect to grow by 20 per cent for the next five years, says DV Brahme, Regional Manager, Mait India Foundation Equipment.

It is essential that we have more constructive codes and specs

All Soilmec rigs and equipment are fitted with the latest inbuilt features, such as maintenance alert, warning systems, work mode selection, electronic controllers, monitor display, amongst other standard safety features, says Sanjoy Chakrabarty, MD, Soilmec India.

Caterpillar brand is synonymous with durability and reliability

Our cusomer support agreements (CSA) deliver the highest asset uptime and lowest cost of operation over the entire product life cycle, says Subir Bhattacharyya, Advisor - TIPL. 0 - - 16259 14 102 2011-06-01 00:00:00.000 Equipment India ACE is in the process of doubling the capacity

We are focusing on backward integration especially in-house fabrication with specialised strengthened steel, says Jitendra Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Action Construction Equipment. Excerpts from the interview.

What is the demandsupply scenario for backhoes in India? What is the market share of ACE for backhoes in India and growth envisaged?
As of now, the demand-supply is at equilibrium. ACE has focused in this segment and is targeting to capture 15 per cent market share by 2012 with approximately doubling the growth in next three years.

What is the market potential for backhoes in India in terms of volume and value? What are the growth enablers?
The market potential is around 22,000 units as per the past trend, value wise it touches around Rs 4,000 crore. India is focusing on infrastructure development in a big way like China and other developing countries and many MNCs in tie-up with Indian companies are moving into the segment. Also, timely completion of the projects will play a major role for enhancement of the potential.

Could you tell us about the range offered by ACE and their features?
We offer basically two models with different variants, the first one is a common 76-hp two-wheel drive, and the other is 96-hp four-wheel drive model. In addition, we have various combinations and optional attachments which can be added or removed depending on the application of a backhoe loader. ACE is focusing on backward integration especially in-house fabrication with specialised strengthened steel. This is a strength for producing best quality with competitive pricing, and also marching with new patterns like BS III compatible engine as per the requirement.

What is the existing manufacturing capacity for backhoes?
ACE has a capacity of manufacturing 200 units per month and is in the process of enhancing the same to nearly 400 units per month in the near future.

Which segment contributes maximum share for backhoes in India?
Plant hirers comprise around 6570 per cent of the market.

What is the rental scenario for these products?
One can anywhere rent out a machine on an average of Rs 600800 per hour and if rented on a monthly basis, one can generate Rs 70,00080,000 per month with a fixed expense of around Rs 20,000 per machine.

What is the RoI on a backhoe?
The machine if purchased on a loan recovers its cost in three years excluding an average monthly income of Rs 20,000.

Tell us about the attachments offered along with backhoe?
We offer various attachments namely forklift, 6-in-1 clam shovel, ripper tooth, rock breaker etc. Various bucket sizes are also available for different applications.

How do you look at the competition in this segment?
With more and more companies entering in the segment, the competition has become fierce as well as interesting. But, since ACE's USP is better quality at a right and highly reasonable price, we are sure we will be looking for big results in a short span of time. Nevertheless, we are confident about our well established sales and service network spread across India, and service being a major issue of concern, we will leave competition far behind.

How do you look at the replacement/repowering market for the units sold which are not complying with Bharat Stage III norms?
Engine manufactures have already worked on this and government regulations have to be complied with. A plan is being chalked out to ensure the required modification, but practically it may take some time to get the work accomplished.

Could you brief us on ACE's strength in training and service network?
ACE has already been rated as the fastest growing construction equipment company. With enhancement in product range as well as capacities, the company has already chalked out a detailed programme to ensure not only to retain the present training and service status but to enhance the same for betterment to the level of perfection and entire satisfaction of the customers. New training centres with all modern facilities and best expertise available in the market is going to be utilised. Train the trainer programme and continuous and vigorous training camps supported by seminars will be the part of the continuous process for the same. Also in this line, we already run a residential training school for service engineers and operators with a capacity of 30 candidates in one batch.

Manitowoc Crane Care differentiates us from other companies

?Safety is a high priority for Manitowoc in everything we do, from manufacturing our cranes through to delivery to customers, says Raman Joshi, Managing Director, Manitowoc Cranes in an exculsive interview with Equipment India.

All our safety features are as per European standards

?We have placed ourselves in a more competitive and technical stronghold, and are offering cranes with capacity of 600 tonne and above,? says TR Badarinarayan, Executive Director, Terex Cranes.