Power Under Pressure

Hydraulic hoses are the lifelines of construction equipment, powering machines to move earth, lift loads, and shape our urban landscapes.

Mastering Hydraulic Hose Selection

Choosing the right hydraulic hoses is critical for system performance and safety. This article offers essential insights into hose selection, covering factors like pressure ratings, diameters, materials, and safety considerations, ensuring optimal functionality and risk mitigation.

ABB India turns half of its manufacturing locations ‘water positive’

Three of the six manufacturing locations replenishing more water to the ground than being consumed

Vision 2030 Drives Growth

The compaction equipment industry in India has witnessed significant technological advancements in recent years. Manufacturers are integrating advanced features, such as GPS technology and telematics, into their machines to enhance precision and efficiency.

Selecting the right hydraulic hose

Hoses typically become heavier for any given length, with added layers of reinforcing wire, as the working pressure requirement increases.

Connecting Machinery with Efficiency

Essential for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of construction machinery like excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, etc., hydraulic hoses play a crucial role in various equipment.

ACMA organises Tech-Show for Chennai Metro Rail

ACMA, the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, organised an exclusive Tech-Show for the Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL) spanning two days, May 17 and 18, 2023 at CMRL Depot in Chennai.

Safety in Selecting Compaction Equipment

Manufacturers are redesigning the compaction process from the ground up in order to overcome the main challenges posed by conventional compaction rollers

Sany Bharat fortifies presence at Intermat

showcased mini, small and medium excavators to an eclectic crowd

Improving machine productivity

The demand for the hydraulic hose is estimated to grow at a substantial rate from the construction industry owing to the requirement of high operating pressure and maximum abrasion resistance to the equipment.

Genie unveils E-Drive for GS slab scissor lifts

Genie has released the new E-Drive system, an optimized AC Electric drive system available across its entire line of GS slab scissor lifts.

Improving performance

Hydraulic hoses and fittings play a vital role in the fluid power transmission in hydraulic equipment. Construction and mining equipment will continue to be a major growth driver for this segment.

Genie launches E-Drive across GS scissor lifts range

Genie® announced the new E-Drive system, an optimised AC electric drive system, available across its entire line of GS™ slab scissor li s.

Genie launches E-Drive across GS scissor lifts range

E-Drive is an optimised AC electric drive system

Safeguarding the industry

The construction equipment industry is going through a never-seen before sales scenario as the volume witnessed a steep fall of 70 per cent in April-June 2020 quarter, as per the findings of the CRISIL Research.

Hose & Fittings: Heart of Hydraulics

Hydraulic hoses and fittings play a vital role in the fluid power transmission in hydraulic equipment. Construction and mining equipment will continue to be a major growth driver for this segment.

We expect an industry growth of 6-8 per cent in 2021-22: Venkatesh S Aiyer

Uniflex has recently started a new plant in Uttarakhand, and plans to start two more plants in the long term. Venkatesh S Aiyer, Director, Uniflex, shares more on the market trends and the company’s plans.

We promote domestic products suitable for applications: Saji Thomas

Gates believes in extending the boundaries of material science. Saji Thomas, General Manager, Product Line Management & Application Engineering - FP, Gates India, shares more on the product developments in the company and the market scenario.

German Machinery Exports to India

VDMA India conducted the VDMA Business Climate Survey to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on the German Mechanical Engineering industry in India.

Indo-German Engineering Trade in 2019

India is the second-largest sales market in Asia for the German engineering industry.

The strategy is to be near the customer and grow

Established in 1987, UNIFLEX today has five manufacturing plants - three belonging to the Hose Products Division and two to the Tube Products Division.

L&T launches new Komatsu hydraulic excavator

At Excon 2019, Larsen & Toubro launched the all-new Komatsu PC210LC-10M0 hydraulic excavator.

L&T launches new Komatsu excavator at Excon 2019

At Excon 2019, the mega construction equipment exhibition held at BIEC Ground-Bengaluru, Larsen & Toubro launched the all-new Komatsu PC210LC-10M0 hydraulic excavator.

We are always open to supply customised products

Started manufacturing custom-built hose assemblies in 1976 in Mumbai, UNIFLEX established a 100,000 sq ft modern factory in Bengaluru in 1986 and became self-sufficient in designing, manufacturing and testing a wide range of hose and tube products that meet and exceed international standards.

BETTER road rehabilitation WITH COLD MILLING

Cold milling is one of the first measures taken when a roadway or traffic area needs to be rehabilitated.

New Opportunities

Construction activity in India is taking new dimensions with some unique projects raring to take off.

Keys to Fluid Power Transmission

The hose and fittings are key components in hydraulic equipment as they together act as a channel for transmission of fluid power in the system.

Facilitating smooth flow

Hose and fittings have their specific role and importance in hydraulic equipment and systems.

We are mindful of modernising our capabilities

With four facilities for manufacturing hose assemblies, tube assemblies, hose fittings, adapters and fabricated parts Uniflex looks forward to further modernize and expand its facilities.

Indo-German Trade in Engineering Sector in 2018

In 2018, the total import of machinery from Germany reached a value of ?3.40 billion. Germany is known globally for its engineering technology.

Complete motor control

Webtec's new CV120 hydraulic combination valve offers complete motor control for mobile machinery

CE components market overview

The components, accessories and spares market is all set for a renewed growth in future in the light of increased construction activities.

"The industry is on an upswing"

Considering these positive trends, we expect at least a double-digit growth of the construction equipment industry in the next 5-10 years.

Meeting intelligence and power

Going forward, the focus of hydraulics is expected to be a combination of hydraulics and electronics that will deliver smarter products with a mix of the intelligence of electronics and the power density of hydraulics.

Unique Greasing Solutions

Sanjay Tools & Accessories Pvt Ltd in association with GURTECH offers unique and patented greasing solutions.

Crushing capacity creation needed

Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari informed in Lok Sabha that projects for constructing 6,320 km of road have been awarded under the first phase of the Bharatmala project, with the financial implication estimated to be Rs 1.44 trillion.

Zero leakage is a must requirement of all OEMs

Parker Hannifin India has a complete range of products to offer port to port solutions for all equipment.

OEMs are looking for more robust hoses

Eaton has a wide range of product offerings in fluid conveyance that meets the need for innovative products at optimised cost and NVH performance.

Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Hydraulic systems are widely used in off-highway equipment when heavy force or torque is involved, such as lifting loads of several tonnes, crushing or pressing strong materials like rock and solid metals, and digging, lifting, and moving large amounts of earth.

Flow of innovations

Hydraulic hoses have come a long way to become an innovative product that has all the features needed for efficient flow of the fluids with adequate strength to withstand high pressure, resistance to corrosion, flexibility for ease of use and more.

Will CE cross 'Mount 52,500'?

Will CE cross its previous peak of 52,500 units achieved in 2011 this year, despite the additional burden caused by GST? The majority feels that the peak is within reach.

Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings

Hydraulic hose and fittings is one of the most important components in fluid power transmission. Selection of the right hose depends on various factors viz, operating pressure range, temperatures, abrasion resistance, and application and flow requirements. One should also consider the type of fluid conveyed and the application.

Hydraulic Hose & Fittings and more...

Hydraulic hose and fittings has an important role in the smooth and efficient operation of a hydraulic equipment. A perfect hose and fitting combination helps in the fluid power transmission in a hydraulic system leak-free which aids the overall safety of the equipment.

Relying on Wirtgen's Cold Milling Range

Costello Industries relies exclusively on cold milling machines from Wirtgen.Costello Industries, Inc, a milling service provider based in Newington, CT, USA, has been rehabilitating highways, streets and bridges since 1945.

Industry?s Take

In India, largely the coal produced is consumed locally, and not exported. Coal India is not able to reach their target of coal production. For higher production and for meeting the target, they need good machines.

This year, our focus is on the earthmoving segment

The current scenario seems encouraging with the construction equipment industry seeing considerable growth this year. With investments in infrastructure growth set to go up, the demand for construction equipment is set to rise further. We are already witnessing good growth from both earthmoving and road construction segments, especially from platforms like excavators and loaders.

Aligned with CE Growth

High pressure, large diameter and volumetric capacity hoses fitted with appropriately speced fittings and protection covering are key ingredients for heavy construction and mining machinery. Such hoses have endured extreme usage under adverse to poor operating cycles and environment.

CE-Hose Connect

Hoses are essential to connect equipment functionalities with the relative prime movers, wherever fluid medium is the mode of power transfer. They facilitate functionalities of implements, drive control systems, brakes, motors and cylinders which form the core of modern construction machinery.

Effective Market Interactions

Eaton Technology Day highlights reliable and critical operating solutions for processing, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries. Power management company Eaton hosted a Technology Day in Vishakhapatnam (Vizag)

Safe Hoists and Platforms

Spartan has introduced hoists and platforms with a greater emphasis on safety and technology. Vikram Mehta elaborates on the innovations from Spartan.

CE Maintenance and Hydrostatic System

Pankaj Srivastava elaborates on the major cause of failures in hydraulic systems and steps to be taken to prevent these failures. Hydraulics, ie, transmitting power by supplying or pushing fluids in a confined area is most common medium of power transmission

Rising Expectations

Hose is an important part of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic hose provides a basic means for transporting fluid from one component to another. The flexibility of hose enables components to be positioned in the most efficient or convenient places, because the hose has the ability to bend around corners, through tight spaces, or across long distances.

Gates is well positioned in this market with its global product lines

We offer a wide range of hoses, couplings and assemblies covering various hydraulic applications and a range of industrial transfer hoses to convey a variety of media, concrete and chemicals.

Eaton has competitive offerings in practically all segments

Eaton hydraulic products are all designed, built and marketed globally to support customers in their endeavours to manage power to make it safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable, says Subhasis Chatterjee, Managing Director - India, Hydraulics Group, Eaton.

Operator Cabins

Chetak Auto Engineering Products Co (CAPCO) is a manufacturer of operator cabin of excavators, cranes, agricultural machines, stacker reclaimer etc

Spheroidal Graphite Iron Casting

Perfect Auto Cast, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is a manufacturer of spheroidal graphite iron casting.


Donaldson India specialises in the manufacture of filtration systems and technologies. Filtration products from the company include dust containment systems, fume extraction systems, industrial fans, mist collectors, dust collectors, fume collectors

Operator cabins

Chetak Auto Engineering Products Co (CAPCO) is a manufacturer of operator cabin of excavators, cranes, agricultural machines, stacker reclaimer etc, sheet metal fabricated components for engineering equipment and vehicles.

Grease fittings

Accurate Products Corporation is a manufacturer of grease fittings, relief valves, grease cups, air breathers, precision-turned parts for the automotive brake systems, and pressed components.

Liebherr Presents Compactmix and Truck Mixers

At Excon, Liebherr showcased the space-saving batching plant Compactmix 1.0 with 60 m? capacity per hour and top technology truck mixers for most economical concrete transport.A very popular model in Liebherr?s extensive range of batching plants, the Compactmix 1.0, is capable of a maximum discharge output of 60 m? of compacted concrete per hour. The space-saving overall concept and the flexible 180? truck mixer approach angle underneath the plant enables to position the mixer in a relativel